April 16, 2007, 11:29 pm
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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are suing the National Enquirer in European courts over a story published in the March 12 British and Irish editions alleging that the marrieds are “caught up in a heroin scandal,” as “evidenced” by a photo of Anthony posing with Michael Star, a photographer facing charges of heroin possession here in the U.S.

According to the AP, the story had a “source” claiming Anthony and Star were friends, though the salsa singer’s attorney says he only posed for the 2004 photograph in keeping with his hospitality toward fans he meets.

The lawsuit seeks “a six-figure settlement,” an apology and a retraction for an article that appeared in versions of the Enquirer‘s U.S. and international editions.

The lesson to be learned here? When forced between doing heroin or messing with La Lopez, go for the heroin — you’ll be better off.


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Marc Antony looks like a heroin head. I believe it.

Comment by B :)


Comment by crumbly

some stars just ignore the bullshit and some don’t. you would have to be crazy to mess with j.lo.

that being said the couple comes off quite defensive here…

Comment by SAS

^^sure when his carrier is at stake… better lie then get caught!

Comment by carlett

Hi carlette!!!

Going on strictly appearance…Mark looks like he has been riding the horse for a very long time.

Comment by spinner

i cant stand this biacth, but those tabloids are scum, is time for someone do somthing.
gossip is one thing, lies are a totally diferent story.

Comment by Marcy

^well, all gossip is is a bunch of lies in a pretty package

Comment by lolly

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