April 16, 2007, 3:26 pm
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It looks like notorious bachelor Matthew McConaughey is finally settling down with 22-year-old Brazilian model Camilla Alves.

The workout-aholic hunk was spotted on an date with the new lady in his life over the weekend. Strolling along hand in hand, the pair seemed thoroughly relaxed in each other’s company. And the Latina beauty, elegant in a jade-green dress and smiling happily, was clearly basking in the attention of her Hollywood beau.

Admit it — they are as hot as fire!


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Could this be the “beard” role of a lifetime for Camilla?

There’s a blind item in regard to an out of nowhere major relationship for a under cover ‘A list” actor.

Comment by B :)

he looks like he smells

Comment by miss priss

he’s wearing a wedding band – or at least a gold band on his left ring finger.

Comment by dottcomm1

Where is this picture taken, in California?

Isn’t it MM who wears his late father’s wedding ring as a tribute or rememberance or something???

Comment by Barks

I feel bad for her, shes all dressed up and looking pretty and hes looking like he got dressed in the dark.

Comment by Becca

the brazilians are the best.

Comment by aline

She’s just a baby.

Comment by Ren

Wow she’s pretty much the same age as me! And he’s how old? Getting onto 40? I have to admit they make a very good looking couple though…especially now hes shaved the beard. He looks like a human being again!!

Comment by Stephi

they do look hot but i feel for any girl that really falls for him because i really don’t think he takes his relationships seriously. i think he subscribes to the george clooney school of relationships!

Comment by SAS

^^^I agree with you SAS. What’s really unfortunate is there’s an endless list of young girls that will gladly jump for the spotlighted opportunity to be this guy’s (or George’s) new lady. The guys get older and the girls keep getting younger. I guess they all get what they want. Matt’s kinda cute, but I just can’t help getting the chills when I think of his stubby arms trying to wrap around his flavor of the week.

Comment by crumbly

Brazilians rule!

Comment by Dee Bee

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