April 16, 2007, 2:54 pm
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A contemplative Kate Middleton was spotted moving boxes into her family home yesterday.

The newly single girl continued to conduct herself in the discreet, poised manner that endeared her to the public and the royal family over the last four years.

Britain’s Prince William reportedly confirmed to his lady love that their romance was over via a mobile phone call.

A colleague of Kate, a buyer at fashion chain Jigsaw, revealed that she was in the car park at work when the call came through.

And though the couple had decided to end their relationship over the Easter holiday in the Swiss Alps, it seems that the 25-year old brunette was still hoping for a reconciliation when the call ended all her hopes.


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breaking up with someone in the public eye has got to SUCK ASS…..I’d hate to be famous.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Agreed, psl, but how tactless, to do it over a telephone. Even if you’re sure its over, you loved each other enough to live together, you’d think that would have a residual effect on your breakup.

Comment by Barks

She’s strong.
They would have to put me in the hospital.

Comment by Kelly-Ann

She is better off without him. If it ended this way it proves he inherited his mothers vile ways.

Comment by amara

That’s a little cruel considering the life story of both mother and son is only relayed to us through the tabloids.

She’s clever to keep silent about the whole affair. Kate Moss should take note. True icons never speak.

Comment by Selon

Ultimately it’s probably the best thing that could happen to her – a normal life!

Comment by Brandy

Really, Brandy? An average “normal” life is preferable to being enshrined in the annals of the British monarchy? To have been a Queen, and (hopefully) produced future Kings?

Cripes, normalcy is for people who can’t cope. If I had the chance to marry royalty, I’d go for it and ride that bucking bull for all it was worth.

Comment by just askin'

^Oh please. It’s all about the gloss. Too many rules to follow, too much of an idealized public face to keep up. I don’t take the freedoms that comes with my anonymity for granted, that’s for sure.

(Not that I wouldn’t mind having the extra cash though…) 😉

Comment by Aysla

“She’s clever to keep silent about the whole affair. Kate Moss should take note. True icons never speak”

You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. Kate Moss is renowned for never giving interviews. I actually challenge you to find an interview on t.v / in a magazine featuring kate moss – considering she started modelling at age 14 & now in her 30’s people know very little about her –

Comment by lisa

i feel so bad for her .4 years is a long time to be with someone .me and my other half are having a real hard time and it looks like the end is near for our 3 year relationship and it sucks so bad so i can relate to her .if cameras where filming me right now i think i would go ape shit like shit shit did .shes better off i guess

Comment by iwannamarryjay-z

I hope everything works out iwannamarrtjay-z! Breaking up is no fun, especially when its been a long term thing and you feel like family. I feel for Kate, because the Royal Family will just always come out on top and they really don’t care about people who are not ‘blood’ relatives. It’s all business to them. It must suck for Kate to have got so close to marriage and becoming a royal and now for that all to be over…poor girl I hope she moves on to something better. She probably should be breathing a sigh of releif actually that she didn’t have to marry into that family!! Family dinners would be hell, no casual BBQs there that’s for sure.

Comment by Stephi

^^ so true stephi- i’d rather have my freedom!

i do feel terribly sorry for her though. serious break ups SUCK and i can’t imagine how bad it must be to be stalked by a group of photogs when you just want to crawl into a hole for a month!

i also feel for the next girl he goes out with!

Comment by SAS

All the british tabloids are saying that she dumped him because she never saw him due to his army life! I suppose we will never know for sure

Comment by AMS

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