April 16, 2007, 6:11 pm
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It seems Madonna just can’t keep herself out of Africa — or the rumour mill for that matter.

The Material Mom (I know how much you guys love that moniker) touched down in Malawi early this morning, for the first time since her adoption of baby David Banda.

Madge wasted no time today by visiting the village of Gumulira where she and daughter Lourdes were greeted by locals singing native welcoming songs.

Despite issuing a preemptive denial through publicist Liz Rosenberg last week stating Madonna was in the African country “overseeing the building of a children’s health-care center. She is absolutely not adopting another baby,” Madonna’s mere presence in the region has prompted speculation that the mother of three may be itching to keep up with the Brangelinas.

So will she do it? Madonna is in the impoverished country for only a couple of days so that offers her plenty of time to pick up a new trophy child.

Stay tuned on any developments.


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Yuck that little girl needs a brow and mustache wax big time.

Comment by Britney fan

^ so sad…but i was thinking the same thing!

Comment by dottcomm1

I can’t believe how big she’s gotten! She looks a lot like her dad in these pictures, though she’s definitely a spitting image of mom…

Comment by margaritaQ

if you want to try out your new army clothes, africa is just the right place…

Comment by Cynthia

Does she want to conquer this town to get a new child or what?

Comment by Samy99

You guys are awesome for making fun of a 10 year old. Good job!

Comment by Ridwah

The orphanage that is said to be the place where she is gonne adopt a girl named Grace, is denying that she will adopt there. They also said they don’t even have a girl named Grace.

God, who knew British tabloids would be so full of shit.

Comment by OMG Really?

I love how in the 2nd picture Lourdes is protecting her pocket and Madonna is gripping her camera. Afraid to get mugged much?

Comment by Anonymous

I can’t stand Madge but she looks really pretty here. I never realized she had that big of boobs. Her daughter is beautiful but I agree with the above posters… Hello Hairy.

Comment by Anonymous

I love how in the 2nd picture Lourdes is protecting her pocket and Madonna is gripping her camera. Afraid to get mugged much?

Comment by Anonymous 04.16.07 @ 7:58 pm

Sure, I bet that despite all the bodygards, she’s still afraid to get mugged.

Comment by Anonymous

I think it’s great that Madonna brought Lourdes along to Africa. With any luck Lourdes will grow up to be a compassionate, well educated, diversified adult. Unlike a spoiled, racist, over indulged, stupid twat whore like Paris.

Comment by crumbly

well said crumbly! and i really dont think she’s coming home with another child. i think she’s just doing good.

Comment by SAS

EWWWWWW, I smell Niggah’s and that ugly little chimp boy of Vadge’s – ah, David is it – needs to either be given to the local zoo’s ape exhibit or she needs to put it back in the jungles of Malawi … ’nuff said …

Comment by Lemon

madge looks so nice, without make up and all…lourdes is gonna be very pretty. and shut up abt waxing she is not even in her teens!!

Comment by carlett

She looks right at home. NOT!

Comment by jamama

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