April 16, 2007, 2:02 pm
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Britney Spears has filmed a bizarre video message talking about how ‘nice the world is’ and to ‘always believe everything you read’.

Wearing sunglasses and a hat, the songstress stands in a darkened doorway talking to a photographer from a showbiz agency.

The troubled star then appears to mock the press and her management as she speaks sarcastically about the coverage surrounding her rehab, alcoholism and pregnancy rumours.

CLICK HERE to check it out!


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That was funny. I like the whole valley girl thing. She was having fun with it. I guess the laughs on the guy interviewing her.

Comment by OhHellNo!

Oh my…she thinks she is being witty & sarcastic.
This little display of insanity is not going to do her any favors. She should lay low instead of putting herself out there for more criticism. She is mildly retarted.

Comment by spinner

^ retarded

Comment by spinner

i agree, spinner. prime example of ‘kids, stay in school”. she has a 9th grade education, probably rode the short bus.

she’s still partying.

Comment by dottcomm1

Everytime I try to watch this video it crashes my damned computer. DAMMIT.

Comment by o.0

Comment by dottcomm1 04.16.07 @ 2:25 pm

yup…she’s still doin the drugs.

Comment by spinner

I can’t believe she thought that “interview” would be a good idea…keep your mouth shut.

Agreed spinner…she’s a retard!

Ohhellno…”the laughs on the guy interviewing her”…are you kidding me???

Comment by rags

That girl has A LOT of anger inside her…..

Comment by NYCMAMI

haha. good for her. that was awesome, put those idiots in there place 🙂

Comment by kali

Britney – seriously – grow up.

And don’t give me this she’s twenty something either. She’s a parent and needs to act like one.

Comment by Barks

Q:What is a total retart, loser and full of stupidity and foolishness?


This girl is a total moron! She should take her wigs and hats and crawl under a dark rock and stay there.

Comment by MeOk?

I thought it was funny, in a sad way. I think she was really trying to be funny, but she’s just couldn’t do in any more intelligently than that.

Comment by 4PetesSake

I effing cannot stand this person, any longer. I really seriously dislike her. I want to punch her in the tooth.

Comment by lolly

I still feel badly for her. Can you imagine paps following you EVERYWHERE?

Comment by margaritaQ

I really do hate this girl and hope that everything she does from here on out falls flat. She deserves nothing that she has and is a DUMB bitch. Ok, I feel better except I wish I could say it to her face. She does seem to have a lot of anger and it is making her crazy. I feel for her kids!

Comment by my2cents


Comment by keller

I love it. She needs to sya something to the losers who sit and write about it. It put everyone in their place. They need her way more than she needs them. So good for her. She is the talented entertainer; not the fuglies writing about her.

Comment by Ryan

wow that was embarrassing.get it together brit .

Comment by iwannamarryjay-z

what a fucking idiot. unfortunately for her you have to be intelligent to pull off satire.

she comes off looking like more of a fool than she was trying to portray.

Comment by SAS

Hahahahaah that was hilarious!! Great job Britney! It must just get sooo tired to read all these ridiculous stories about yourself and then actually have people who have never even met you beleive them and talk about them like they are the gospel. She gets this kind of crap more than anyone. I think shes looking pretty cute too, she will never lose her gorgeous smile!

Comment by Stephi

I actually drive the short bus for a living…I am quite sure my kids are much smarter than Britney. I don’t think there’s a bus short enough for this moron.

Comment by moe

You have to be smart to be funny. This was not funny, it was pitiful. She is so used to being in the spotlight that she will do absolutely anything for the press. It is actually sad. Think about when her career is really, truly over and the paparazzi are no longer interested in her. That is when you are going to see the REAL breakdown of Britney Spears.

Comment by TellMeMore

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