April 17, 2007, 8:56 pm
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David Beckham revealed a massive 2ft-long tattoo etched over the entire surface of his right arm today as he took his wife Victoria on a romantic break in Paris to celebrate her 33rd birthday – her last in England before the pair move to sunny California.

The permanent marking consists of two ‘symbolic’ pieces that reportedly reflect the ‘deep turmoil he feels about going to LA’ said a source close to the former England captain. Inscribed n Becks’ right wrist: the words “Pray For Me.”

The second tat across his arm is a quote by the Roman Emperor Tiberius. It reads: “Lets them hate (me) as long as they fear (me).”

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I think Victoria is hotter than Becks in these pictures. Has she put on a few ounces? Looking much better.

Comment by Pin

WOW! By the sounds of those tattoos David is a tortured soul. I like that in a man. Come here, David. I will make you feel better but you must
not speak.

Comment by spinner


What a man… sigh. I love that quote! (I hope that’s the extent to his tattooing though!- I’m not too fond of sleaves on both arms)

Comment by Aysla

It will be soo fun for them to come to the USA.

Comment by TellMeMore

i love him. i actually like her too.

Comment by Anonymous

oh i think sleeves are so hot! i’m not one for ‘pretty’ guys but tatooed becks has my vote! and posh looks fantastic here as well. love them!

Comment by SAS

I’m not too sure about whole arm tatoos…some guys can really pull them off though like Becks does! He would look hot no matter what! I like the meanings of his tatoos though, very cool.
They both look fantastic here, so crisp and perfect!! Love them!!

Comment by Stephi

omg does D.B. need to get overhimself!!!!! Posh needs to GROW HER HAIR. She looks HORRIBLE. What a life to spend it not eating, afraid you’ll get ‘fat’, and knowing as each day goes by you grow older and look worse, as your husband only gets sexier because men age better. She needs the “I’m tormented” tatoos.

Comment by violet

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