April 17, 2007, 9:31 pm
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Madonna was back at the Malawian orphanage where she purchased baby David Banda today, this time accompanied by her newly adopted son and 9-year-old daughter, Lourdes.

A reunion with David’s biological father was scheduled to take place today but it is unclear whether any meeting took place.

Nonetheless, Madge was able to snap a few phenomenal National Geographic-esque photo-ops, and after all, isn’t that what really matters?


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she looks beautiful

and her children are so adorable

Comment by Anonymous

Love these shots. Beautiful!!

Comment by spinner

oh im glad she’s doing this but she is so trying to be like Angelina.

Comment by britney luver

^Okay, since when did Angelina trademark adoption and philanthropy? She was not and is not the beginning and end-all of adoption, philanthropy, work with the UN, etc. Look at Mia Farrow, Nicole Kidman (UNICEF since ’94 I think), and Paul Newman, among countless others. I’m no fan of Madge, but I think that kind of comment and comparison is silly.

Comment by Aysla

Why is she advertising Ed Hardy clothing? That’s on par with Kevin Federline.

She isn’t cheap. Did Ed Hardy sponsor a short film she may be making?

Comment by B :)

those are good pictures of her and the kids (but where are her husband and rocco??? back at home I guess) they all look cute there.
it seems she really is there for building the orphanges and not gonna adopting another baby.

Comment by ryan

He’s just a sweetie pie for sure. Lola is pretty and Madge is looking great shape I think.

Comment by Trinidad

britny lover

Madonna got a mind of her own. Angelina would be probabaly the first to tell you that she did not invent adoption. Give Madge credit AND Angelina and not one over the other. They both doing good stuff, and they are not alone.

Comment by Trinidad

She didn’t purchase her fucking child you fuckface, get the fucking facts straight. Madonna deserves the ultimate most respect for doing what she is doing, and as for Angelina….all she does is fucking flaunt hers.

Comment by Anonymous

I think that is totally wrong to accuse her of purchasing a child and of using this as publicity. As if she needs anymore publicity! She is one of the most recognisable people in the world and if she wanted publicity there are lot easier ways to go about it than having to go through the adoption process. Ever think she might just actually want a child or want to help someone less fortunate than her? People who do this kind of thing need to be applauded not criticised.

Comment by Stephi

I agree Stephi- she shouldn’t be accused of this crap- she gave a child a home, it’s a GOOD thing.

Lola is gorgeous. She’s getting so tall!

Comment by parissucksliterally

I agree that she should be praised for adopting a child and for bringing attention to the country and how important it is to adopt.
I think Madonna’s trying to do good with her life and celebrity, she’s admitted that she was selfish and rude for most of her life. So I think she’s trying to make it up and fix things.

Comment by blake

Haha, stop saying Lola is gergous. Are yoy blind or trying to be kind? She’s toatlly fug.

Comment by A

She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO trying to be like Angelina!!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

David Banda “Ritchie” is nothing more than a fug little ape that needs to be put in the monkey house at the nearest zoo …

Its a damn shame when people take chimpanzees and dress them up like real humans … kinda like what Michael Jackson did with Bubbles the chimp …

So Vadge – put your chimp back in the zoo …

Comment by Stephi

A: have you heard of PERSONAL TASTE? I’ll bet there are people you think are pretty, that I’d think are gross…..

OBVIOUSLY, this last “Stephi” comment is not Stephi. Like she’d say something that racist and obnoxious……please.

Don’t steal someone’s name to say horrible crap.

Comment by parissucksliterally

A: I think you’re pretty nasty yourself “Paris” … but, there are 1 or 2 that may disagree with me … and,

B: I DID say that about little ape David so shut the fuck up with things you don’t know anything about – bitch …

Comment by Stephi

[…] Source […]

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Aw Stephi, did your mummy not love you enough, is that why you make stupid racist comments for attention?

Comment by K

Meh, that David is nothing more than a fug, dirty monkey in diapers.

Comment by K

Lourdes is gona be so gorgeous when she grows up. Someone needs to pluck her brows though.

Comment by dude-wit-diablo

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