April 17, 2007, 11:25 pm
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No news here….just a couple of more photos of the Brangelina clan outside of the Paramount offices in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Aren’t they the cuuuuuuutest?


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We will be bombarded with shots of the happy couple and their children. Whenever the negative publicity hit the kids come out.

Comment by devin

Love seeing pixs of this unique and loving family. Pax looks settled in. Good for him to be with other kids as he was used to 300+ kids at the orphanage, and the group will help with his language skills. Little Miss Z ain’t ready to share Daddy yet with her new bro.

Comment by marley


You caved. Now you’re being all nice to Brangelina after you got some heat from idiots earlier on another Angelina post.

Comment by dana

shouldn’t there be another baby in there? i only see 2.

Comment by catherine

Pax face looks like he is 12 yo. Weird… I thought he was younger.

Comment by baguette

I agree with you marley…I love this family! I love that they are not conventional and that they just go about their everyday biz without making a big deal of it. I hope Pax is on his way to being all settled in with the family now.

Comment by Stephi

love them,the previous post was very mean

Comment by sam

they are a gorgous family. zahara is such a daddys girl!

Comment by SAS

*gorgeous* damn no preview button.

Comment by SAS

I didnt know Angelina was that much shorter then him. I didnt know he was that tall.

Comment by Trinidad

Its a shame that they love thier forgein kids more then there own American Born one…………..Hell you never see her anymore. Did someone from Africa adopt her?

Comment by Red

ok, so there are four kids not three Catherine. The little asian kid is Pax Thein, not Maddox or are you one of those who thinks all foreigners look alike.. either that or you are commenting on something you obviouly no nothing about .. Trinidad, angie is usually wearing heals when we see them at premiers.. she’s in flats in this pic but Brad is def tall YUM YUM // and lastly, I challenge anyone who hates on this couple and their family to do 1/10 of what they do (adopting children to give a better life.. and it shouldn’t matter what nationality they are, goodwill ambassador)

Comment by theonly1withoutherpes

PS: atleast brangelina are showing their children different cultures and enriching their minds rather than making them close minded assholes like you haters out there… sad

Comment by theonly1withoutherpes

how come you never see the kids together all at once? that’s not very family-like for the parents to only attend to a few at a time. if you can’t handle them, don’t adopt so many.

Comment by sigh

hey sigh… get off it.. it was a weekday.. Maddox was prob in school where he belongs and shiloh maybe home with a nanny or she could even be there just not in the pic.. having lots of kids is hard enough out of the public eye… brangelina prob doesn’t want to have an incident like Ms Britney practically dropping her kids due to the razzi.. geez.. all families are different

Comment by only.1.without.herpes

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