April 17, 2007, 1:52 pm
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Britney Spears fired her manager Larry Rudolph on Friday afternoon — the same day she dissed her management in an emotional (ok, crazy) rant delivered on a paparazzi video.

In a classic example of shooting the messenger, in her rant the distraught pop tart held her management responsible for believing she had an alcohol problem and sending her to rehab.

Brit also holds Rudolph responsible for introducing her to erstwhile mentor Paris Hilton.

In a related move she has rehired Leslie Sloane Zelnik, her former PR.

Rudolph and Britney had recently signed a multi-year deal and unless their parting was negotiated it may well end in a legal spat.

Our support, of course, goes to Britney. Shipping her off to rehab is one thing, but introducing her to Herpes Princess Hilton is just unforgivable.


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Britney always has someone else to blame. Maybe she didn’t have a prob with alcohol but she is definitely on drugs & she obviously wants to keep it that way. She should be taking responsibility for herself & her children. She really disgusts me.

Comment by spinner

It’s always easier to blame someone else for your mistakes.

Comment by audrey

he may have introduced britney to paris, but britnet was the one who grew the friendship.

why should she take control of her own life when it’s easier to blame other for your own mistakes?

Comment by dottcomm1

I suppose it’s Larry’s fault she got pregnant back to back also.

He also picks her horrible outfits.

what a fucking loser Britney is…..I agree with your comment dotcomm1, she won’t take responsibility for her own fuck-ups.

Comment by parisssucksliterally

Oh god, isn’t Leslie Lindsay Lohan’s PR person as well? I feel so sorry for that woman.

Comment by april

Goodness. She needs to grow up and stop blaming others for her mistakes. Though he did introduce her to Paris, wasn’t that like a few years ago?! That has nothing to do with the way she’s been acting lately!

Comment by Anon

She’s an absolute brat and needs to take responsibility for her own actions. Her antics make me sick.

Comment by J

i hope he sues her (hehehehe)

Comment by Bunny1000

Arasto I don’t get why the fuck you’re sweet on this nincompoop. I don’t understand why larry or leslie would want to work with her either! she’s a spoiled rotten brat with arrested mental development. comeback? ya fuckin right! she may have some songs played on the radio for the next year or so, but the mega million tours where she has sold out areanas, nut-uh, not gonna happen my friend.

Comment by lolly

^^I second all of the above. What a heinous little immature brat she is. She’s in dire need of GROWING UP. I can’t stand her anymore, I’ve tried to have positive thoughts about her… but blaming someone else for her own stupid mistakes really takes the cake. No one put a gun to her head and told her to flash her bits, shave her head, have multiple one night stands and failed pseudo-relationships, or constantly leave her children at home while she boozed and took drugs. Kudos to Larry for defying Britzilla and sending her to rehab, if at least temporarily.

Comment by Aysla

If Rudolph got her into rehab he probably saved her career. Even tho the “go to rehab and all sins are forgiven” program is coming to an end, something had to be done to save this girl from herself.

Comment by Barks

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Great Another Boring Story From Ms. Spears
I Dont Think She Has Fully Recovered (Go Back To Rehab)
Plus Like Someone Said Its Always Easier To Blame Others For Your Mistakes…Its Not Like He Made Her Hold Hands With Paris Hilton. And I Dont Think He Stole Every Piece Of Underwear From Every Shop In The World, So She Just Had No Choice Put To Go Commandooo

Comment by Anonymous

I don’t thing its true..It is NOT confirmed.

Comment by Amanda

She needs to just go away.
Kevin is so (gulp) so much more adult then she will ever be.

Comment by K-Fed is Better

Isn’t one of the ten steps of AA to take responsibility for your own shit? I would love for Larry to sue her.
Arasto, stop pandering to this child.

Comment by TellMeMore

How was her message the ther day crazy? She was being sarcastic and very truthful about how the paparazzi and the tabloids treat her. All I saw in that video was a girl who wanted people to not beleive everything that they read and to understand just how crazy the tabloids are. And maybe firing Larry is a good idea…a new management team is just what she needs to start all over!

Comment by Stephi

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