April 17, 2007, 5:19 pm
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Perky morning gal KELLY RIPA showed up on the set of ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ yesterday in an adorable satin blue frock and open-toe shoes. Meanwhile, scene queen MICHELLE TRACHTENBERG matched the halter dress with Miu Miu flats at the Smashbox VIP dinner during LA Fashion Week.


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The Blonde One From Hip To Toe
The Brunette From Hip Upwards Hahahaha

Comment by Anonymous

Forest Wittaker’s wife at his Walk of Fame Star ceremony lol, (I think it’s the same dress). Between theses 2, Kelly because I like being able to see the neckline and her hair isn’t in the way.

Comment by Truly

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I love me some Kelly Ripa, even if she was wearing a potato sack.

Comment by Barks

Kelly looks terrific. Great color and style for her … and I like her shoe choice as well.

Comment by candyapple

is that an 11 year old on the right?

what the fuck?

Comment by BJ

Kelly’s always so beautifully tanned so she looks great in anything, but she wins this because Michelle is wearing flats which dresses the outfit down.

Comment by Christina


Comment by ...

both dresses complement their coloring

Comment by thighmegatampon

That’s the same dress Forest Whittaker’s wife is wearing in the earlier post! Weeeird.

Comment by Anonymous

The style is okay but the fabric is just so wrinkly!

Comment by kai

Kelly is always so freakin’ cute.

Comment by me

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Kelly is FABULOUS as usual!!

Comment by dlc

Kelly, she looks hot as usual! Great body and face!!!

Comment by ryan

Kelly. Although Michelle’s face is beautiful.

Comment by Virenda

kelly is too flat chested to wear this dress it really doesnt look good. however something about the other girl rubs me the wrong way and she doesnt look any better than kelly.

so kelly wins.

Comment by SAS

Kelly all the way!! I think she looks fantastic! It’s hard to beleive she has got three kids. I think the dress is really cute too.

Comment by Stephi

I like the dress better on Kelly:)

Comment by happy


Comment by Agustina

omg! look how sexy kelly is look at her sexy feet with that red toe nail polish is making me want to have a fot fetish right guys

Comment by kellyandregislover

Kelly. Hands down.

Comment by 4PetesSake

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