April 17, 2007, 2:58 pm
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Two photos of Kate Moss taken in the buff are expected to sell for nearly $90 000 in a London auction next month.

One of the photos – taken by Irving Penn in 1996 – shows Kate sitting in the nude from sideways on and is expected to fetch around about $50 000.

Also for sale is a famous photo taken by Corinne Day when Kate was just 16, along with an iconic image of the model dressed in pants and a pink vest surrounded by fairy lights.

The picture was taken by Corinne as part of a fashion shoot for Vogue magazine when Kate was 19, and is expected to be sold for $15 000.

The other picture, taken by Albert Watson, is valued at a mere $30 000.  A true steal for you bargain hunters out there!


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I’ve never understood her appeal. What’s so special about her? She’s just a fugly girl with a fugly body. Her boobs are nasty.

Comment by Maximum Big Surprise

more like garbage sale

Comment by dottcomm1

doesn’t this photographer know the ice on the nipples trick? Her nipples look inverted on the top pic……

I think she’s a gorgeous model, but she looks shitty now, after all the abuse she’s put her body through

Comment by parissucksliterally

She is strangely beautiful & the camera loves her. Her association with Pete D. make
attractive & will be her downfall.

Comment by spinner

^let’s try that again…
She is strangely beautiful & the camera loves her. It is her association with Pete D. that makes her less attractive & will be her downfall.
(Please let the new site be ready soon.)

Comment by spinner

Her nipples look weird.

Comment by Anon

besides for the weird nipple, i can see her appeal back in the day. but her lifestyle has totally taken it’s toll on her body/face/beauty.

Comment by lolly

The second pic is amazing; she had such a unique and strange beauty. But she looks like a monkey in the last pic ;). I agree that her lifestyle/life-partner choices have definitely affected her looks/body for the worse…

Comment by Aysla

Maximum Big Surprise said everything I was thinking!

Comment by Me

While she’s not exactly my idea of gorgeous..there is something about her that is so attractive. If only she would sort out her personal life…she could be even bigger than she is now!! I really like that last shot of her its beautiful!!

Comment by Stephi

She used to be prettier before.

Comment by Agustina

She has ALWAYS looked like a heroin addict.

Comment by 4PetesSake

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