April 17, 2007, 2:18 pm
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Justin Timberlake‘s game of golf descended into chaotic scenes earlier this week after fans discovered his whereabouts.

At first, JT was happy to sign autographs and pose for pictures after teeing off. But when a gang of girls armed with autograph pads ran on to the Championship course to see him while he played the back nine, his mood appeared to take a turn for the worse.

Word spread back that the intrusion had upset the ‘Sexy Back’ singer and he later declined to speak to local reporters.


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I don’t blame him for being annoyed that they ran on the golf course.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Mornin’ psl…I don’t blame him either. I am sure it ruined his game & I bet he is missing Cam to Golf with & beat down those intruders.

Comment by spinner

He’s so pasty & dorky. Ewwww…

Comment by Kelly-Ann

I would have been annoyed to. They could have at least waited off the course for him..even though by then he probably would have snuck away somewhere to get away from the crowd.

Comment by Anon

well yeah, that’s freakin rude to run on the course! jeez what the hell is wrong with people?!!!

Comment by lolly

I figure all the dads he saw on the front 9 had a chance to call their daughters to check him out on the back 9.

I THINK I would be annoyed but he’s got such a fat bank account thanks to girls like these, I think I’d get over it pretty quick.

Comment by Barks

Justin I Love You To Bits….But Fix Up Man
Looking A Lil’ Rough These Days !!

Comment by Anonymous

You look at that last pic of him and he really is fug. Pasty, dorky, not a hot bod and dresses kinda nerdy-there are a million men hotter than this guy. David Beckham–now that is hot.

Comment by TellMeMore

erghh. teenage girls would be the WORST to have as fans. i mean i know they give a lot of money but they are so IN YOUR FACE. i dont like justin but i do feel a bit sorry for him here.

Comment by SAS

I would be annoyed too! I don’t think his beahviour is diva-ish, I mean he wasn’t at a premiere or something he was just trying to have a quiet game of golf. I think he was beyond generous to even sign any autographs in the first place.

Comment by Stephi

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