April 17, 2007, 6:31 pm
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We had seen very little (if any) of young Pax Thien Jolie since he was adopted last March from a Vietnamese orphanage by celebrity baby collector Angelina Jolie.

But the little tot made a rare appearance yesterday leaving his LA daycare en route to casa Jolie-Pitt.

It’s nice to see that the poor kid was plucked out of his native country and adopted by two baby-crazed celebs, only to be plopped down in a fancy Hollywood daycare.

The Brangeluniatics strike again.



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You’re an ass!!! What are you doing to better a less fortunate child’s life?

Comment by yvette

WTF are you doing?…………Why in the hell cant these rich ass people take care of the ones here in AMERICA?!?!?!?!?!?

Comment by Red

wow..that kid looks miserable.

Comment by hinatha

I bet it is very overwhelming for the little guy but it will get better. My adopted cousin cried forever when she first got to us, but love snapped her outta of it in no time. Good for them giving him a leg up.

ps Red…….Why the hell is it any of your business? Do you got someone in your house from America you take care of that is adopted? My family doesnt have money and it did not stop us.

Comment by Trinidad

Yvette, Arasto says ugly things so you WILL respond. Sad, but true.

Comment by Trinidad

WHY WOULD ANYONE adopt out of AMERICA?!?!?!
To me and MANY MILLION of true Americans—IT IS NOTHING BUT tearing our country down, turning our back on OURS.

Comment by Red

You’re an ass!!! What are you doing to better a less fortunate child’s life?

Comment by yvette 04.17.07 @ 6:37 pm

I agreed with you.

Arasto just wants hits,
It,s like the tabloids they have to print rubbish to sell.

Comment by lolo

Purely, Anti-Americans I see.
Hey this is AMERICA freedom of speech 🙂

Comment by Red

I feel sorry for that kid. Look at his poor little face, he looks scared to death.

Comment by my2cents

I look at it this way, Red. people born in other countries are at a far less advantage than those born in America. america lends opportunities, third world nations do not.

Comment by lolly

Arasto, i really don’t get why the snarkyness with Angelina (doing good deeds) but yet warm fuzzy support for britney crazy as bat shit, self absorbed spoiled brat spears!!!

Comment by lolly

He just seems so unhappy. It can’t be fun for a little kid to be surrounded by the paps 24/7 but as Angie clearly stated when she got her newest addition, it’s part of the circus that is her life.

Comment by kai

Pax sure is one nappy headed homo!

Comment by plastery

has anybody picked up a kid from daycare? he’s either tired from running around all day, didn’t want to leave his friends or just caught in an expression of melancholy. how can you get that he’s a miserable from a click in time?

Comment by dottcomm1

I’m sick of people making unfounded comments about adoption in America vs. adoption in a third world country. If you know anything about the adoption process in America, you know that it’s a long, financially and emotionally draining process with no guarantees. Perhaps you should educate yourself on these hardships before you open your big mouth and condemn people like Ang and Brad who are trying to help a child in need.

Comment by T

Wouldn’t you be scared if Angilina’s big, ugly, pulsating man hands were waiting for you? Pax has the same look that Zahara has had from the first moments we saw her with Angie’s hand over head and face.

Comment by amara

Kids are very intuitive he probablly knows that he has become the latest member in the Pitt/Jolie media circus to exploit children for fame and adulation.

Comment by devin

Do they even have over crowded under funded orphanages in North America any more? I know where I live when children are wards of the court they go into foster care, and while that can have it’s own pit falls, there are some very loving caring homes out there. However there are just too many stories of foster parents loving the kids they take in and wanting to adopt them, but then the parents block it…or their family does and the kids are taken away. It is just heartbreaking all around.

Comment by audrey


Its so funny you say that about Britny. I have been so supportive of Britney up until now as I’m really thinking now she’s playing us. I know she does have issues, but she’s still using them to get sympathy and a pass.

Comment by Trinidad

correction^^I have been so supportive of Britney up until now BECAUSE I do think she has issue

Comment by Trinidad

Ummmm I don’t think its just me but being in a safe, fun daycare centre seems to be a lot better than living in poverty and war! I don’t see anything wrong with what Angelina has done…how can there be anything wrong with saving and bettering a child’s life! I hate how people always look for the negatives!!!

Comment by Stephi

Woohoo, I knew this day would come, a day when I agree fullheartedly with Stephi! :O)

and Trinidad, I sympathize with your sentiments…i TOTALLY think she’s playing the public.

Comment by lolly

argh these idiots that go on about domestic (american) adoption generally have NO IDEA about it.

T and audrey are so right in their posts. There are MILLIONS fewer american orphans (btw you “patriots” do you mean american BORN only??) than asian or african children and they live in MUCH better conditions (they are certainly not at high risk of death anyway). Domestic adoptions often take years longer to process and are more expensive (and it is generally NOT the richest people that tend to adopt) and the kids are often being fostered.

anyone that thinks angelina or madonna has done a bad thing in the way they raise their kids is a MORON.

Comment by SAS


I saw a poll on one of those entertainment shows that had like almost a split down the middle opioion about Brit. I was surprised as I expected most to still sympathise with her.

Comment by Trinidad

I mean whats wrong with that?
Maybe I am the only one here that is PRO-AMERICA.

Comment by Red

Well Red, there’s not much to Pro-America about these days, sadly.

Comment by lolly

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