April 17, 2007, 7:40 pm
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Just back from Japan, where she shot an ad campaign for Jill Stuart, perennial party princess Lindsay Lohan didn’t skip a beat when it came to her nonstop party lifestyle. The 20-year-old actress hit up L.A. hotspot Winston’s where she joined fellow scene queen Jessica and Ashlee Simpson for a night of revelry and debauchery.


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she looks old, i’m 2 years older than her and dont have all those wrinkles in my face like that. smoking and going out every night will do that to you

Comment by Anonymous

she’s the oldest looking 20 yr old.

Comment by dottcomm1

ok so it’s official, she’s on the junk. there’s no way you’d come back from a trip to japan and get down and party; the jet lag takes at least 3 days to recover from.

Comment by lolly

She looks like she had something done to her face… or is it just me?? it can’t just be the blond hair…

Comment by ...




Comment by NARC

lolly & Narc…yup…still on the drugs. She never gave them up. Loser.

Comment by spinner

she makes me tired


i can’t wait til the media stops talking about her (and all her no talents friends).
She does look old (and I thought she was sporting a mustache in that first pic).
All that partying has already caught up with her looks.

Comment by ryan

She just looks old, dirty, and tired. What that girl needs is some real rest and relaxation… I think I hear rehab calling again!

Comment by canadalicious

what a sad, empty life she must have- the only quality time she shares with her ‘friends’ is out clubbing. its like they’re so desperate not to miss ONE night.

Comment by SAS

she has a mustache

Comment by THE DEVIL

In a year or so noone will care less about her because you can only rely on the tabloids for a career for so long. Lindsay really does nothing except try and get attention…her movie career is a joke and any modelling jobs she is getting will be gone as she is just getting older and older looking every time I see her.

Comment by Stephi

I agree with every single comment before me.

Again, dead by the end of 2008.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Her face always looks dirty…I guess it is more noticeable with the blond hair

Comment by T

I agree with all the dirty-face comments. It’s probably just a bad tan. In any case, it’s trashy, but I expected nothing more of her.

The skin on her neck looks like it’s about 40 years old. Yuck.

Comment by 4PetesSake

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