April 17, 2007, 9:19 pm
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Her career may be shrinking but there is no limit to the size of Paris Hilton‘s her ample bosom as the Hollywood heirhead hit the town last night in Hollywood.


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cant wait to see then on her next DVD

Comment by brandon

Look, it’s a walking No-Brainer!

Comment by lola lola

UGh! Can’t stand her face and clothes.

Comment by Virenda

as much as i have disliked her in the past, i have always admired her ability to not care what people think of her. however in these past few months i feel like she’s getting less confident and more and more desperate. ew.

Comment by SAS

I agree SAS! Her whole confident ‘I’m hot’ kinda thing is fading. I think she realises that she only really has her looks going for her. Looking at this picture I am really thinking now that she did get a boob job…something I never thought Paris would do. I always thought she would hate to admit that she wasnt perfect.

Comment by Stephi

she did NOT get a BOOB JOB! Dammit! She was wearing a dress the other day, and was braless and as SMALL as ever. Remember, she’s GAINED WEIGHT in the past year and a half! Growing a half a cup size, some cutlets and a great bra could do that for Kate fucking Moss. Why is this so hard to understand for some people?!

I also agree SAS, she is losing her confidence- she has been involved in too much shit she can’t hide from lately.
I really hope she has to go to jail- even for a week…….I really, really do.

Comment by parissucksliterally

What career?!

Comment by Paulo

Wow, she gains a little weight (apparently because she still is very thin) and it goes straight to her face!

Comment by xax

Wonk Wonk!! (.)

Comment by starr

That’s one hell of a wonderbra. Those suckers are squished up there so tight I’m surprised she can breathe.

I wonder if they’ll let her bring her special bra with her to prison.

Comment by Caely

lol psl… a week of jail?

Comment by dude-wit-diablo

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