April 18, 2007, 2:37 pm
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Just a few more shots and some dirt on Victoria Beckham‘s big 33rd birthday celebration courtesy of hubby David.

Posh’s special day began when her three children, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz woke her up and presented her with home made cards.

David then flew her by $50 000 private jet to Paris to check into the couple’s favourite $12 000-a-night suite at the Ritz.

During her shopping spree, Victoria hand picked herself a $14 000 little black dress from Azzedine Alaia and a $3000 pair of striking red, made to measure heals from Christian Louboutin. The total cost of their shopping spree in the trendy Marais district? A mere $140 000.

After picking up all their retail whims and desires, the couple then headed to the exclusive Guy Savoy restaurant.

Following dinner, the couple retired to their suite at 1 am – but they were back at Paris’s Bourget airport at 4 am for the flight back to Madrid.

Phew — birthdays have never been so exhuasting…..or expensive for that matter!


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I can’t help but stare at his crotch.

Comment by Anonymous

For someone that is so highly on the chain of fashion, she fell off.
Them Red shoes, (IMHO) dont look good at all.

Comment by Red

i love both of them. im not feeling the shoes, atleast not with that outfit.

Comment by Anonymous

It doesn’t matter how much these shoes cost, she looks like a cartoon character with this outfit.

Comment by Shoe_freak

I was thinking Minnie Mouse!

Comment by parissucksliterally

it’s vickie’s special day…no bad comments!

Comment by sarah

I am in the majority here but those shoes FUCKING rock! I wish she wore them with something different though.

Comment by yeahso?

you forgot to say that you got all this information from the Daily Mail

site your sources

Comment by Source Hunter

what a horrible boob job

Comment by starr

I’ll bet he tries on (and wears around the house) her shoes and dresses …

and, she has to be one of the ugliest PIG-nosed women around …

Comment by sarah

Check out the crappy shoe’s HE’s wearing!

Comment by Susan

They both look like a couple of caricatures — exaggerated shoes, exaggerated boobs (on her), super shiney suit (on him). And please don’t get me started on the $12000 room they spent a mere 3 hours in. Clowns.

Comment by 4PetesSake

not louboutin. There Gucci shoes

Comment by sylvia

What a package on Beckham! She looks okay, not as cute as she normally does but who cares, it was her special day.

Comment by margaritaQ

sarah – Are you KIDDING? Did you seriously just call her “Vickie”? What, do you know her personally or something? That’s just plain retarded. You actually care for her on her “special day”? Wow….some people are so deluded….

Comment by starr

She’s looking pretty dam good for 33!! What a fabulous birthday as well, Paris is one of my fave places in the world!! Although I love Louboutins…I have to agree with previous posters that they just scream Minnie Mouse!! She would have looked better in less chunky shoes.

Comment by Stephi

sooo extravagant but at least they have that in common- i cant imagine too many husbands that would be happy to buy a 14 000 dress! love them.

Comment by SAS

I was thinking Minnie Mouse!

Comment by parissucksliterally 04.18.07 @ 3:24 pm

You beat me to the punch! Porky Pig’s nose and Minnie Mouse’s shoes.

Comment by Randi

his pants are too tight.

Comment by dude-wit-diablo

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Comment by Anonymous

great couple

Comment by sara

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