April 18, 2007, 6:59 pm
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Canadian chanteuse Avril Lavigne made up for last night’s “m*th*rf*ckin’ princess” debacle by showing up on the set of MTV’s ‘Total Request Live’ today in a more modest emsemble, consisting of a skull-and-crossbones polo, zip-off skinny jeans and studded pumps. Modest, yes, but still atrocious.


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Geez! She is “styled” within an inch of her life! What a pre-packaged faker!!!

Comment by lola lola

She never smiles, just grimaces.

Comment by Pin

worthless, talentless moron

Comment by starr

I don’t get her.

Comment by Anonymous

I will admit it. I enjoy her music. It’s kind of like Britney Spears–fun to dance around to and sing loudly. What drives me nuts is how fake she is. She talks about being punk, but she is, as lola said, so styled that it’s ridiculous. Seriously–could you get more cliche than a “punk” with a skull and crossbones? Seriously…

Comment by Erica

Wow, does she have enough eye makeup on?

Comment by my2cents

she’s a wannabe punk barbie. blonde hair, crazy amounts of makeup. i find it hilarious that she thinks she’s so hardcore. and she’s so clueless too. she thinks she isn’t in the press much because she’s being clever and avoiding them.

Comment by sigh

she’s having a trouble with her product, which is as teeny as it goes. her image would be alright if she was 13 but she’s 23 now and i haven’t seen any development in her music. or lyrics. or her image. i really can’t see avril in her thirties singing about girlfriends and boyfriends. this might be her last album if she cannot change, or evolve like other pokemons.

Comment by peep

i cant believe shes married!

Comment by dude-wit-diablo

she’s always so wooden. Like its such an effort to crack a smile, she always looks like she’s iterally in pain at having to make a public appearance. Cant stand this talenetless hypocritical bitch.

Comment by louise

“she cannot change, or evolve like other pokemons.”


Comment by Me

she reminds me of a vampire.

Comment by margaritaQ

evil girl

Comment by Sibel

ur so sad if u dnt like her y r u looking at pictures of her and who r u to say shes fake u dnt know her personally so piss of and while ur there get a life!

Comment by Megan

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