April 18, 2007, 4:26 pm
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Britney Spears has been shopping as if her life depended on it, prompting concerns she has turned from an alcoholic to a shopaholic, replacing one compulsive behaviour with another.

The newly rehabilitated pop star has spent over $60 000 on wigs, vintage hats, clothes, lingerie, perfume, jewelry and cosmetics since April 6, according to In Touch Weekly.

MSNBC reports addiction expert Dr. Robert Butterworth, who hasn’t treated Brit, told In Touch, “People with addictions often go from one compulsive behaviour to another.”

As you may recall, Britney recently fired her manager Larry Rudolph and on the same day in a bizarre rant, blamed her management for sending her to rehab.

Addiction specialist Clare Waismann says, “She’s acting like a child. This is not normal behaviour. Her whole demeanor is strange. She’s not doing well.”

Yesterday, a tanned and toned Britney arrived at Millenium Studios dressed in a backless short black dress, fishnet stockings, high boots, blond wig and the customary hat. While there is speculation that she is preparing for her next tour, sources tell Faded Youth Blog that she is just getting back into shape.


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I think they’re making a huge deal out of nothing. She’s losing weight, so she’s shopping for new clothes.

Comment by Starshine

She has some mental issues that she needs to work on, though she is in such denial it isnt shocking anymore……………In my book she is jsut washed up and needs to go to the bottom of the sea.

Comment by Red

Starshine, I have to agree. People begged her to get back on track, in shape, and made over. Now they’re worried because she’s spending money to do so? Hell, at least she apparently bought some panties.

Comment by Kidge

Baby Tigers ya’ll!

Comment by B :)

Maybe on her next shopping trip she’ll buy some new fishnets.

Comment by 4PetesSake

ummm….when is she going to start wearing these fab clothes and wigs that all amount up to 60,000? so far all i have seen is forever 21 style dresses and cheap wigs that you can find for 12.99 on the street corners of NYC.

Comment by iwannamarryjay-z

I think now Brit is playing the public in a lot of ways, but that dont mean I give Outa Touch any credit. The tabs dont help anybody. They make it worse, and that MSNBC dude didnt speak to them. He was on tv and said that YET they trying hard to act like he talked to them about Britny.

Comment by Trinidad

$60k? that’s nothing compared to a day with posh!

but they experts are right about going from one addiction to another. too bad she’s not addicted to being a mom!

Comment by dottcomm1

She’s addicted to bad wigs and baggy dresses, worn with shiteously ugly boots.

Comment by iona

In Touch? Are you kidding me? I’d get more accurate news off a bathroom wall! Geez, if Brit ever hires a stylist & starts to recover, what am I gonna do with my afternoons???

Comment by lola lola

Britney hasn’t been “well” for a long time. She won’t BE well for a long time, if ever. I think she done effed up her brain too badly with the drugs.

Comment by lolly

White Trash plain and simple

Comment by nocareinaz


“Sensory processing deficits can result in poor modulation of arousal and alertness resulting in emotional instability/lability, hyperactivity, behavioral disorganization and learning problems.”


Comment by NARC

I don’t think shes shopping obsessed!! Why can’t people just take her actions for what they are!! A rich celebrity who is having major image overhaul going out and buying new clothes for her new look and new body. I think she looks fantastic here and her dress is pretty cute. It must drive her crazy though that even a shopping trip turns into some sort of disorder/addiction that she has. It’s not her thats crazy its the people that actually beleive this crap.

Comment by Stephi

“toned”…no, bitch is FAT

Comment by sarah

LOL!!! ^stop, too funny.


i really feel sorry for her. she’s obviously got huge problems. nobody would purposely make themselves appear so ridiculous just to gain a bit of sympathy. it’s been too long for that.

Comment by sigh

Maybe we should ignore her for awhile and see what she comes up with to grab our attention.

Comment by audrey

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