April 18, 2007, 1:59 am
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Lindsay Lohan took a break from spinning BFF Samantha Ronson‘s records (if you know what I mean) to party it up with pals DJ AM and DJ Aoki at their club LAX last night.  Consider it a reunion of rehab aficionados.


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she is the biggest attention whore (besides Britney and Paris)

Comment by parissucksliterally

man, she’s a drugged up whore. She had potential as an actress, but now you can pretty much write her up as only now as a tabloid whore. She’s picking up where Anna Nicole left off (and you see where that got her!)
And what is up with DJ Adam? He’s found another celebrity slut to hang onto to stay in the public eye (nicole ritchie – many times, mandy moore now lindsey!).

Comment by ryan

So what are our thoughts…is there truth to the Samantha Ronson Lilo romance rumors?

Comment by lovethegossip

lame! electronic music with Lilo is as tracendant as a smoothie…

Comment by THE DEVIL

I think I read that Akoi guy’s daddy owns the Benihana’s chain or started them. Anybody know?

Comment by Trinidad

^Oops…Aoki not Akoi.

Comment by Trinidad

Is it just me, or was anyone else’s first thought that Lindsey looks stoned out of her friggin’ gourd?

Seriously coked up…and it’s too bad, because she CAN be (or was once) quite attractive. What a shame.

Comment by Mel

I think Lindsay actually wants people to think she looks stoned so she looks ‘cool’. She seems like a big tryhard who models herself on other people instead of creating her own personality. But I guess when the tabloids are all that keep you going you have to keep shocking people and doing things that are worth some attention.

Comment by Stephi

She has the kind of nose that when she’s older, you’ll be able to see right into it and see fuzzy, dark nosehair.

Comment by lookyy

Lilo craves coolness but she does not even start understanding that being a pop idiot is only cool for teenagers…dumb dumb dumb girl

Comment by THE DEVIL

That is one ugly fucking jacket she is wearing…next thing you know she’ll be trying to bring back parachute pants!

Comment by T

hehehe, lookyy. You are so right. IF she even lives to be that old.

Comment by 4PetesSake

She looks like axl rose!!!

Comment by George O´Malley

[…] a break from spinning BFF Samantha Ronson’s records to party it up with pals DJ AM and DJ Aoki at their club LAX last night. Just back from Japan, where she shot an ad campaign for Jill Stuart, Lindsay Lohan hits up L.A. […]

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