April 18, 2007, 6:32 pm
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Assistant? I think not.

Down to earth A-lister Sandra Bullock picks up her own dry cleaning and dog food on a tpyically balming Tuesday afternoon in sunny Los Angeles.

Gee, celebs really are like us!


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down-to-earth, yes; a-lister, no. her last few films have bombed.

Comment by pizzle

What does “balming” mean?

Comment by spike

I think he means balmy.

Comment by Texan

One of my favs and that is because she is so down to earth. I love her and Jessie James.

Comment by Trinidad

“Just like us”? Yes, except for the fact that she’s running her errands in a damn limo (towncar?).

You see those white numbers on the left side of the bumper? Private car services in the state of California are required to display them. And that guy in the suit? Yeah, that’s her chauffeur.

Comment by alan

so what she has a limo.. better than some dumb beetches I can name who have fender benders every damn nite b/c they choose to drive themselves everywhere.. razzi is viscious, better to let someone else take the wheel in that respect, no?

Comment by theonly1withoutherpes

she’s still A list. her previous success guarantees her place as A list at least for another 5-7 years. and her latest movie looks pretty good.

Comment by lolly

I like that she’s a responsible parent and has obviously done her homework on what to feed her kids!! I also recommend Canidae.

Comment by lolly

Chill out dude, it
just looks like a car service.

Comment by chill out


Comment by Kathy

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