April 18, 2007, 3:35 pm
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Following Monday night’s scandalous outfit, Jessica Simpson continued her club hopping yesterday but in much more modest attire.

Rocking high-waisted pants (love ’em or hate ’em?) and a turtle-neck tee, Jessica was spotted leaving West Hollywood hotspot Winston’s last night looking less like the cheap trick we’ve come to expect and more like a modern monastery resident.

I’m not sure which is better….



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Has she given up wearing a bra??

Comment by The Voice

i see camel toe!

Comment by dottcomm1


Comment by Kidge

Oh my GAWD…..way to rock the “Mom-jeans”, Jess…lookin’ SNAZZY! What a mess…

Comment by starr

bad bad bad bad bad!

Comment by Becca

She looks about 30 pounds heavier than she really is, who goes out of the house like that??? Besides 40 year old soccer moms?

Comment by starr

high waisted pants look awful on anyone who’s not 5’10 and 120 lbs……..even then, I’m not sure…

Jess, this will land you on the covers of tabloids again. “JESS GAINS 30 LBS ON THE ‘LOVE DIET’

Comment by parissucksliterally

Please Please Please tell me mom jeans are not coming back.. AHHHHH!!! I have one word for her “STYLIST” seriously, it’s ok to ask for help when you need it.. or you end up looking like THIS!

Comment by theonly1withoutherpes

Hey, hey! Not ALL of us 40-year-old soccer moms look THAT dowdy!

Comment by 4PetesSake

looks like humpty dumpty had a great fall.

Comment by crumbly

I just burst out laughing….awe that was great

Comment by lolly


Comment by Anonymous

those jeans make her look preggers….and def give her one of the nastiest camel toes i’ve ever seen….GROOSSSSS

Comment by Anonymous

I don’t understand–don’t these people REALIZE what they LOOK LIKE??!? Just because it’s ‘fashionable’ doesn’t mean it LOOKS GOOD! Christ.

Comment by karafarrah

lol..she looks like she is wearing mom jeans….that look does not suit everybody pls.

Comment by Anonymous

Is she on drugs??

Comment by Pole

Wow, she’s getting uglier & uglier…who knew at her age she could look so dumpy??? What’s up with the pleated pockets??? Yeah, that’s a flattering look—for a hipopotamus.

Comment by lola lola


She should get arrested for wearing that!

Comment by OhHellNo!

I disagree…none of the soccer moms I see at the park look this bad…not ever. I can’t believe this dipstick left the house thinking she looked good.

Comment by audrey

ummm…yeah…high waisted jeans are just like skinny jeans…they are meant for thin people…everyone else should stick to good old fashion boot cut, or if they want to walk on the wild side, a flare…just because something is “in fashion” doesn’t mean it’s for everyone!

Comment by me*

still makes me laugh.

Comment by lolly

Couldn’t agree more. High waisted jeans are for tall, skinny people. Girls with big breasts should equally not wear high necks…and definitely not polo necks. For someone who’s usually quite on point with fashion, this sticks two fingers up at it.

Shame on you Jessica. You are not Charlie’s Angel.

Comment by Selon

I don’t like high waisted pants at all!! They just reming me of the geek at school who always wore his pants higher than the other boys. Besides the pants though, I think Jess looks gorgeous. Her hair and makeup is hot!

Comment by Stephi

damn she got fat and ugly fast!!!!

Comment by ryan

omg, what an awful outfit. she doesn’t make it any better. 1st large pic is heinous.

Comment by EAT IT

Is she pregnant??? or is that just a beer belly?

Comment by bronxdiva

horrific!! so so bad! i can’t find words to describe how truly awful this outfit is!! gahh!

Comment by SAS

this outfit is so wrong. HIDEOUS all the way

Comment by happy

She has a GUNT.

Comment by LaLa

She’s like 5 feet tall. What is she thinking? Those pants are for petite women.

Comment by Ice Queen

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