April 19, 2007, 3:55 pm
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It was a union of Hollywood A-listers last night at the Melrose Place opening of top designer Oscar De La Renta‘s boutique in Los Angeles.

Hosted by none other than Jennifer Garner, the soiree displayed a slew of De La Renta’s gowns, which are top-end and often seen on the Oscars red carpet.

‘Sex And The City’ actress Kirsten Davis made a typically stylish entrance to a YSL charity party in California.

Lauren Graham took the opportunity last night to show off her Botoxlicious face.

The ageless Lori Loughlin. (Get me a double of whatever she’s drinking!)

AMANda Peet

Amber Valetta proved that no only do blondes have more fun, but they look a lot hotter doing it.

Angie Harmon: Hollywood’s hottest Republican

Brooke Sheilds

Cindy Crawford looked flawless as she arrived at the opening of the boutique in Los Angeles.


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When I read this, I couldn’t understand why a boxer had a boutique for womens clothing! lol

Comment by Me

father time has not been nice to brooke shields!

Comment by dottcomm1

See alot of FAKE happiness, and alot of REAL fake things.

Comment by Red

Every single one of these women look old and desperate in these photos.

Comment by my2cents

Why the AMANda Peat? She’s very pretty!

Comment by lolly

I like Brooke, but she’s looking a bit cold slab ready there with that dead grey skin. Maybe its the light that the pic got shot in.

Comment by Trinidad

THE funniest thing was that there was no comment for Brook Shields, haha! as if her name alone is enough. i don’t know if it was intentional but it was funny.


Brooke looks great! Her pic was not shot in a flattering light. Cindy Crawford on the other hand has a LOT of work done!

Comment by Simba

Jennifer Garner looks AMAZING.

Comment by WTF

Jennifer Garner: She looks nice.
Kristin Davis: Looks okay. Has looked better.
Lauren Graham: Botox much?
Lori Loghlin: Whoa! She looks wonderful. Love her.
Amanda Peet: She looks amazing. She’s very pretty.
Amber Valetta: I love her dress. She looks really pretty.
Angie Harmon: She looks nice. Sweet dress.
Brooke Shields: She’s pretty, but looks weird in these pics.
Cindy Crawford: She may have had a ot of work done, but she looks so fucking amazing! I wanna look like her.

Comment by Agustina

The more I read and see Jennifer Gardner, the move I love her. She is the all American, Martha Stewart loving mom. She has class, she has dignity, she loves her baby like no one I’ve seen lately in the press (Hello Angie!) and she is a doll. Ben is one lucky man, he waited, and he picked a winner.

Comment by Harriet

Jen Gardner is amazing, she will appear with no makeup, shopping with Violet who is dripping in strawberry juice and they are smiling and happy as all hell. She is a roll model in today’s Hollywood of bimbo moms, moms who shouldn’t had have kids, moms who prefer adopted over their natural born, and moms who appear in public looking like trailer trash. She gets my vote, for mom of the year, hands down.

Comment by Sara

Gardner can dress up classy too, OR, go out with her baby looking like me and you , ala natural. Love her too! She was on Martha Stewart, and she seemed totally down to earth. She’s the real deal.

Comment by Frannie

are the last 3 comments from the same person? her last name is garner, not gardner

Comment by sigh

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