April 19, 2007, 8:27 pm
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It’s time for the Scandal of the Week! TMZ has obtained a vicious voicemail message left by Alec Baldwin to his daughter, Ireland, where he not not only berates the 11-year-old but even threatens her with a “when I get there I’m gonna straighten your ass!”

The emotionally disturbed Baldwin brother later lashes out at mama Kim Basinger (good parenting tip #24), blasting, “your mother is a thoughtless pain in the ass who doesn’t care what you do.”

So, what could cause such a vile and disgusting reaction?  Young Ireland missed a planned late night call from her dad. 

It’s a truly a blessed tape.

CLICK HERE to give it a whirl. Enjoy!


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Comment by theonly1withoutherpes

He has always seemed like he is too tightly wound, push him to hard and he’ll snap.

Maybe a public outing will push him to get some help.

Comment by Barks

That poor little girl. Wow. No wonder Kim Bassinger divorced him.

Comment by Truly

PS. How did TMZ get the recording? I bet Kim sold it to them.

Comment by Barks

(Before you read this, I want you to know that I’m 15 years old myself, I know all about nasty messages from parents!) Okay, okay. This may seem very harsh, but obviously, they had a deal that she should be by her phone and this and that time. And she hasn’t been. He’s worried sick, and that’s why she has made him feel so bad. He have gone to great lengths to get to call her, and she didn’t even have her phone on. Of course, he shouldn’t have said the things he said, but this father was very worried. And what father wouldn’t be if he couldn’t get a hold of his 11-year old daughter at 10’o clock in the night?! He obviously doesn’t feel like the mother cares at all.
(And by straiting her ass, I think he means telling her off)

Comment by Emma

what a whacko-weed! their custody battle has been going on forever. poor kid!

guess we’ll see a new boss on ’30 rock’ soon.

Comment by dottcomm1

Wow. What a hideous person!!! Calling your kid a “rotten little pig” and threatening to “fix her ass”..wow. If I were her, I’d run to Mexico NOW but be sure to put some arsenic in his cocaine before you go…Alex Baldwin is fast joining the evil Jackass club headed by Tom Cruise!! I hope he burns in hell—starting NOW!!

Comment by lola lola

Emma – that’s called (mental) child abuse. he wasn’t worried about his kid, he was ticked she didn’t answer the phone. and an 11 yr old kid should be in bed at 10pm.

if you get those messages from your parents, you need to seek help. you should never be spoken to that way, especially from a parent.

Comment by dottcomm1

oh my god….that’s fucked up

Comment by starr

good lord that dude has anger issues!!! we all get angry and lash out, but to trip out because she didn’t answer her phone? dude, she’s 11. she might have been sleeping. how are you going to act when she’s 14 and getting into some *real* trouble?!

Comment by lolly

ps the sounds quality was horrendous! i had speakers on full blast, and still had to get on my hands and knees and put my ear to the pc!

Comment by lolly

I see a restraining order coming soon for Mr. Baldwin along with losing all visitation rights. Poor kid, not only does he verbally attack and physically threatens her but also attacks her mother. No wonder the kid doesn’t want to talk to him. Geez I wonder how he talks to her on an everyday basis…..couldn’t be much better.

Comment by mary

That was immensely disturbing. I hope that others who feel the same way will not support the movies and television shows that he appears on, so that we can send him a message that verbal abuse of children is disgusting.

Comment by Anonymous

I’m confused… it doesn’t sound ANYTHING like him. Does anyone else think so?

Comment by WTF

OMG Poor kid!!Have a dad like that cant be easy. I hope someone look after her a little more now when he say that he gonna take a plane to her. God knows what he gonna do to her then, hit her or something…He sounds really mad. How can a father call her 11 year old daughter a pig!!!?!?!He is crazy!!I dont like him anymore. I’ve lost respect for him now…

Comment by BettY

People say things they dont mean when they’re upset and worried, and this seems like one of those cases. I’m not saying it’s right to do it, but i doubt he regularly screams at his kid like that. And who knows? Maybe she’s been acting up lately or something. I’m not defending him, just making the point that we don’t know the whole story. Can’t judge people, even celebrities, based on a recording. Haha but i guess that’s the point of these sites, which is why I’m here!

Comment by K

I’m confused… it doesn’t sound ANYTHING like him. Does anyone else think so?

Comment by WTF 04.19.07 @ 9:42 pm

THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one…! Doesn’t sound like him at all.

Comment by Agustina

If it was 10:30pm in NY, it was likely 3 hours earlier in CA were Basinger + child live.

Yes, he spoke harshly and should not have done so, buy anyone who has been in a nasty custody battle or a long-distance parent can understand how things like missing a scheduled phone call is not ok. Many custodial parents can use this as a weapon, denying phone time & trying to poison the child against the other parent. I’m not condoning his behavior by any means (no amount of anger or frustration should make you talk like that to a child), but without knowing the full story don’t be too quick to judge.

Comment by L

He’s always been known as a psycho. I believe there are videos of him flipping out on Kim (and maybe the kids) in public. The media tried to make it that both he and Kim are crazy. Now I know its just him, what a dickhead for real!

Comment by ryan

WTF and Augustina, I don’t think it sounds like him either. I don’t recall Alec Baldwin having a New York (I think that’s where it’s from) accent like the caller does. The guy’s voice was more high pitched too.

Comment by Gidget

11 y.o. gone at 10pm?….


Comment by the devil

I’m confused… it doesn’t sound ANYTHING like him. Does anyone else think so?

Comment by WTF 04.19.07 @ 9:42 pm

I dunno, I could barely hear as it is, am I the only one who had sound issues??

Comment by lolly

custody battle or not, you don’t drag the kids in, and you certainly don’t take it out on the kids.

Comment by dottcomm1

i couldn’t even listen to the whole thing it was so disturbing. i hope his daughter never has to see this disgusting pig again.

to all the people who don’t see it is so bad- NO ONE (esp not a CHILD) should be emotionally bullied (ABUSED) like that. i hope with all my heart that none of you ever treat someone like that!

Comment by SAS

it’s him – even eonline.com is telling the story.

Comment by guess

I’ve always thought that he would be an angry kind of man. I always feel sorry for the kids in these kinds of situations where parents kind of fight over who controls them and who can discipline them. Poor little girl. I kinda don’t think personal family matters like this, that involve children, should really get splashed all over the news though.

Comment by Stephi

First of all, his douchebag wife is responsible for making this available, she must have leaked it in the propaganda war. She should rot in hell for that. As bad as their relationship is, IT’S PRIVATE!!!!Unless your a divorced parent you should reserve judgement and keep your comments to yourself. Kids are cunning as hell when it comes to playing their parents. God only knows what the dynamic is between them. In the end, I think Alec is a left wing democratic prick. However, his child should not disrespect him that way. Can you imagine how long that’s been going on for him to blow like that. I hope when he does meet with her, they work it out. It makes me sick to think about it.

Comment by tommy

You’re just flat-out WRONG, Tommy–when I was 11, if my dad ever spoke to me like that, I’d be trying like hell to avoid talking to him too– court order or not. He probably verbally dumps his anger on his child every chance he gets. That asshole TOTALLY DESERVED to get called out for verbally abusing his daughter that way! F’in SOB should have a restraining order slapped on him as well. Maybe that’d teach him to manage his obvious anger issues.

Comment by just askin'

it doesnt sound like alec to me. anyway..this can really happen. a person can say things that they really dont meant if ever theyre worried sick or angry. at least we can see(or hear?) that he really cares to his daughter. a phonecall from her is THAT important to him

Comment by 1718

I can agree that, at times, a parent says things to their children that they don’t mean. But I can’t fathom how a normal person says something along the lines of “That’s the last time you’ve insulted me.” Parents, normal parents, don’t say things like that to their children.

Comment by Kidge

OMG Calm down ppl…it wasn’t even that bad..from what he said about “straightening her out” he was just probably talking about yelling and screaming..PLEASE its not that serious he yelled..big deal HE’S HUMAN..I dunno how many ppl can stand there and say they haven’t been cussed out by your parents…all this psych shit is rediculous..Kids aren’t made of glass..and life is harsh..ALL of it…so she’ll GET OVER IT! And at 11 or 12 I BET she was probably screwing with him..thats the ‘rebellious’ age you know..and above all else who knows what happened after this..he could have called and apologized..u never know Don’t believe EVERYTHING you read/hear..you DON’T know these people!!

Comment by Baby

Ok calling her a pig is bad but I will say all of you are a bunch of pansies. Kids these days ARE out of control and they need to get yelled at if they do something wrong. I always say “I’ll beat your ass until next Sunday.”

Of course, I’m leanent and only beat them until next Friday.

Comment by Kim Basinger's left labia

there’s something very wrong with our society if it’s acceptable to speak to one another like that, even in anger.

he repeated over and over again how she HUMILIATED him. how does an 11 year old HUMILIATE a parent? they don’t. unless they go on a killing spree or molest other children or something along those lines.

Comment by lolly

i’d consider his ranting very normal for a parent. he just threatens to lecture her, not hit her.

Comment by sigh

What a fucker. No, I didn’t get the sense that he ws threatening physical harm, but calling her a pig is verbally abusive. What really gets me is how the whole message is all about HIMSELF and the sacrifices he makes to make phone calls and how bad his kid makes HIM look and feel. Arrogant, egotistical motherfucker. Being a parent obviously hasn’t made him grow up and realize that it’s no longer about HIM. Prick.

Comment by 4PetesSake

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