April 19, 2007, 2:37 pm
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Having spent the past months courting controversy, Isaiah Washington won’t be courting the Emmys. While Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey and the rest of ‘Grey’s Anatomy”s regs have thrown their scrubs into the supporting actor/actress rings, Washington has elected not to submit his name for consideration, Variety reports.

Coulda been such an acceptance speech, too.


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Maybe he and Don Imus can have lunch. He can explain to Don how he got away with bashing a defenseless little white gay guy.

Comment by MikeC....

He is a good actor and I like him and I don’t care what anybody things about that.

Comment by Trinidad

^ I ask Arasto every time about that and never get a response…I was salty at first cuz I rather like Arasto and think this is one of the better gossip blogs, but to plagerize! gasp! and then i thought well, some days you probably just feel like being lazy…but if it were me, I’d still source TV guide. I wouldn’t make it look like it were MY words. :OP

anyway, i love grey’s anatomy, but i think his character is very unlikeable. he’s not warm, he doesn’t smile, he’s stiff.

Comment by lolly

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