April 19, 2007, 2:51 pm
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Uh-oh — it looks like Katie Holmes is breaking the rules!

While in Shreveport, Louisiana starting her new flick (and more importantly slipping out of hubby Tom Cruise’s death grip), Katie has reportedly been getting in touch with old friends, who she hasn’t spoken to since hooking up with the famous Operating Thetan. Life and Style is reporting that Tom’s Kat is reconnecting with people from her old life and even secretly talking to Catholic priests!

Katie called former BFF, Meghann Birie. “She wanted to talk to someone not in Camp Cruise,” an insider told the mag. “Katie told Meghann she can’t believe she abandoned her old life.”

The source also claims Katie has invited her parents to visit her on the movie set. “She’s trying to make amends with her family.”

Don’t look now but something tells me Dictator Cruise has dispatched his Scientology minders and ordered them to abduct Katie for another 12 days, leaving the entire world curious about her whereabouts.


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Someone needs to address her plastic surgery! Comparison shots are needed from her Dawson Creek days to the present…there has to a little eye lift action, nose slicing and eyebrow lift going on there. Discuss.

Comment by trafficgurl

I think that initially, Katie did fall in love with Tom. However, she had no idea as to what she was really getting into. Gotta think too…this could be a load of crap coming from Life & Style.

Comment by spinner

she TOTALLY had her nose done……I wonder if Tom has something to do with this- Nicole Kidman has a completely different face now than in 1990.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Poor girl

Comment by Becca

Its her own fault, no one to blame but her.

Comment by Red

what a great friend, go and blab to the tabs the first time she tries to reconnect.


Comment by lolly

i dunno what kind of work she had, but she looks beautiful.

Comment by lolly

that’s what you get when you sell your soul for fame. i dont feel sorry for her, she made her bed (now sleep in it)

Comment by bunny


Comment by the voice

how many of you got caught up with the wrong person.. money doesn’t change the fact that these are real people and they have real feelings and the same real need to be loved… Tom swept her off her feet.. now he’s trying to sweep her into his spaceship… did I say real people.. ok, only katie.. TOM’S A FUCKING ALIEN./// XENU IS MY HOMEBOY

Comment by theonly1withoutherpes

Run Katie! Run for your life!

Comment by Agustina

VOICE– exactly what I was thinking….take the kid, and run like hell…

Comment by Kathy

She looks cute here. I think that this is exactly what she needs to do. She hasn’t looked to happy lately and doing some things independant to Tom will really help her. And if Tom has a problem with that then that’s his own problem. She is still young and she has every right to her own life whether she is married or not.

Comment by Stephi

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