April 19, 2007, 6:26 am
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To help you guys feel better in your day of mourning Sanjaya Malakar‘s departure from ‘American Idol’, I present to you emails hacked straight from Lindsay Lohan‘s MySpace page.

The email exchange is between La Lohan and Shanna Moakler. My favourite line: “I know u and your whore crew think fucking other peoples men is a game and fun….but I have 2 kids who don’t have a proper family now.”

Hell truly hath no fury like a woman scorned.


Oh, and stay tuned — a new website dedicated to LiLo’s hacked page is on its way! 

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Who is the last email from and to?

Comment by LaLa

aww it’s kind of like how paris’ personal belongings from the storage place went public and no one felt sorry for her. i predict the same fate for LL. and i think the last email is from paris??

Comment by thighmegatampon

i take that back, i don’t think it’s from paris. paris can’t spell or use proper grammar

Comment by thighmegatampon

Hmm, I dunno, Joel invited her? Well Nicole Richie dates a Joel Madden… let’s think, maybe it was her?
But who in the hell is she to talk about someone else putting on weight? That girl needs to put some on herself! I mean damn, if she hangs out with Brtiney Spears… she is surely to be blown away by a cheeto and beer fart eventually.
Girl needs to pack on some pounds to keep her on the ground.

Comment by Shani

how awsume is that! LL sure is a fuckin slut, guess we already never that anyway!

I’m guessing Shanna Moakler is Travis’s (from Blink 182) ex-wife.

Comment by pinkypin

you guys are dumb it’s all FAKE!

Comment by jason

Am I the only one in the whole f***ing world who thinks hacking other ppl’s acocunts is NO fun?
Fuck I’d be curious how you bi***es would feel if your emails would be published?! I bet you have the same in your inbox, maybe not mrs blink182 but someone else calls you names jsut coz you must be total whores to have fun reading someone else’s personal stuff.
How SICK are ppl in the USA? How sick are you mentally?
you don’t have lives do you?
those hacking these ppl’s blackberries and emailaccounts yoou probably just cannot get a date

gosh how glad I am for being a european and having a boyfriend and a job and friends. you all enjoying this, you should try living your life instead of others.
I feel so sorry for you.

before labeling, no i’m no fan of any lindsay paris shauna or nicole or whoever else.

Comment by hartley

lol fake as well

Comment by LaNa

Lindsay dont have a myspace Her friend Nathan told me so everybody get over it!

Comment by You Know My Name

I knew it’s was fake
thank you

Comment by crackhead

what the fuck? i just wasted 5 mins of my precious time

Comment by paul

hartley, take a few deep breaths. I understand what you are saying, but most people people dont feel sorry for her because she isnt a very nice person. She has done some pretty awful things, like steal boyfriends, lie, call other people horrible names, sleep around, take drugs, delay film schedules… god, I could go on forever. So most people will feel as though she is getting some kind of karmic justice. She isnt just some regular sweet girl we should all feel sorry for. And im sorry, but all that crap about “im glad Im a european..” etc makes you sound really dumb. Stop generalising and ranting and raving, you will be doing yourself a favour.

Comment by louise

I find it hilarious how Hartley automatically assumes we’re all Americans here. What makes people so American? How do you know where we’re from? You have no idea, do you? The owner of this blog isn’t even American. People can be so judgmental and narrow minded. I think Hartley’s the one that should get a life.

Comment by Maximum Big Surprise

Hartley, it seems somewhat hypocritical that you talk of “living your own life instead of others [sic],” yet you are also populating a website that shills celebrity gossip. Come on. If that’s really how you feel, then you shouldn’t visit this website. And, yes, I am an American, but, you know, since we’re stereotyping and making judgment of people, I guess that means I understand the basic tenets of grammar and spelling, unlike Europeans. LOL. 🙂

Comment by Erica

I’ve had e mail coming to me for six years. I guess because I am an adult, not one of the countless emails I have received in that time had anything in it calling me a name even resembling the term ‘whore’. I think it’s because I’m not in high school where drama seems to ooze from under the lockers, and I don’t use a lame ass page like myspace, which seems, causes more drama.And if you have ‘friends’ calling you whore in your e mail what the heck are they saying about you behind your back hartley?

Comment by audrey

lindsay DOES have a myspace; for a long time she didn’t even have it set to private…she only set it to private after she put samantha R on her top friends and then all of samantha’s friends were able to see her page, so then she set it to private with her tag line being “ha ha bitches”

Comment by lolly

having myspace isn’t dumb.. I found my two long lost sisters on there and kept up with my bro in Iraq b/c even if he didn’t write me.. it always shows the last time he logged in and that let me know he was safe… any media can be used as a means of acting like a dumbass highschooler… man, reminds me a of a movie.. .LL was in … oh, yeah, “MEAN GIRLS”… dumb bitches all of them.

Comment by theonly1withoutherpes

please credit the source instead of stealing it

Comment by ONTD

theonly1withoutherpes, i agree, i’ve reconnected with a lot of long lost pals via myspace. i’m sorry your brother had to go to iraq.

Comment by lolly

thanks lolly.. not fair to blame the means by which people act like complete douchebags.. blame them!!!

H.A.N.D (have a nice day!)

Comment by theonly1withoutherpes

Oooh Ahh Arasto… busted by ONTD!

Oh and by the way I’m not American either. Also I have never called someone a whore or been called a whore (or anything even close) in an email.

Comment by louise

Even though I think its pretty awful that her myspace and privacy was hacked, I really think people who post private things on myspace are asking for it. If you don’t want people to know personal things about you then the last thing you do is talk about it on myspace because there is always the risk of hacking. So while I do feel sorry for Lindsay like I did for Paris, I really think that Lindsay was asking for it. Paris’s stuff was in a private storage facility…a bit different to stupid Myspace. And there is nothing really new here, we all knew Lindsay slept around.

Comment by Stephi

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