April 19, 2007, 5:57 pm
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What the…?!?

Wasn’t a bikini-clad Pamela Anderson just in Hawaii enjoying a steamy vacay with ex Tommy Lee and the kids? What the heck is she doing suddenly appearing in the icy Moscow?

It seems Pammy, an avid animal rights activist and PETA spokesperson, is in the Russian captial to speak to the president of Rostik – KFC’s Russian partner – to protest the abuse of millions of chickens.

The Canadian bombshell says: “As Rostik’s gets ready to unite with KFC throughout Russia, you might want to know that KFC has been the target of an international campaign by PETA for the last four years because of its refusal to eliminate the worst abuses its chickens suffer. KFC’s suppliers breed chickens to grow so top-heavy that they suffer heart attacks, lung failures, broken legs, and other crippling diseases and injuries. At slaughter, their throats are cut open and they are scalded to death — often while they are still conscious.”

A) I had no idea that people still actually ate KFC (I mean, seriously!); and B) SAVE THE CHICKENS!


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PETA people are freaks.
KFC rocks on dude!
I wonder if her fake tits were tested on animals? Bet’cha they were.

Comment by Red

Ironic that Pam Anderson is complaining about chickens being “top heavy”?

Comment by Yo Momma

i applaud her efforts. someone has to speak up for the animals who can’t speak for themselves. (yes, i’m a vegetarian)

Comment by dottcomm1

that was cute, Yo Momma!
i stopped eating KFC because they charge their franchisees and INSANE amount for the “secret special recipe of 14 ingredients” and turns out the ingredients are really 4: salt, pepper, flour, MSG. that’s it. fuckers. secondly, the chickens do live in deplorable conditions, and if you saw them you would see that it can’t possibly be healthy to put that meat in your body. what the movie Earthlings.

Comment by lolly

nice LEATHER purse!

Comment by rags

I’m sorry, I love KFC. I’m sorry if chickens are tortured but apparently that makes them just that much more delicious.

Comment by Barks

no, it’s the MSG that makes you *think* it tastes delicious, barks.

Comment by lolly

It is cruel what KFC does to the chickens, plus they pump them so full of steroids that its not really good for us. Those reasons keep me from going to KFC. Good for pamela!

Comment by ryan

rags- pamela does not eat or wear any animal products. that doesn’t look at all like leather to me anyway.

the very few times i’ve eaten KFC (or mcdonalds for that matter) it hasn’t tasted good at all. and then i’ve felt sick.

Comment by SAS

It’s true about the harsh conditions that chickens are bred and killed under. It’s pretty disgusting actually and one of the many reasons why I am a vegetarian. I really admire the work that Pammy does with PETA and it just goes to show that there is a lot more to her than a pretty face and big boobs.

Comment by Stephi

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