April 19, 2007, 1:51 pm
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Which ‘American Idol’ hottie was observed entering a bathroom stall with four guy friends at an L.A. nightspot Saturday night? Maybe they were having a meeting of the No Girls Allowed club.


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I wish it were Sanjaya….but I sure it was the McBeever

Comment by Michele


Comment by audrey

It was guy!! “no girls club”

Comment by the voice

its that bitch that thought wearing shorts would help her make it to the end.she was prolly blowing rails off the 3 guys ding dongs

Comment by iwannamarryjay-z

hello, read the item, it says “no girls club” it’s not a girl!! that’s dumb to have a picture of a girl up. it’s only cool to put the picture up of the person you’re *sure* it is!!

Comment by lolly

Both Blake and Chris were club hopping this weekend, so its one of them.

Comment by Lisa

It’s that bald guy – Chris Dougherty for sure.
He has a very gay vibe goin on.

Comment by Kelly-Ann

Hello, you people are utterly clueless, including you Arasto. There’s nothing “gay” about the gossip. It’s a male Idol contestant, either Blake or Chris, who went into a large stall to do coke or E or Special K with other guys. My vote is on Blake. Ain’t no shame in it though.

Comment by Jose Arribas

It doesn’t say current American Idol…my immediate guess was Mario Vazquez.

Comment by chelseah

yeah, no gay action going on, just doing drugs.

Comment by lolly

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