April 19, 2007, 6:22 pm
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Wow, she really looks great here!! I never thought she was pretty- but she is attractive.
like the clothes!

Comment by the voice

Yeah, thank heavens for whoever invented air-brushing.

Comment by michele

husband stealer.

Comment by Anonymous

husband stealer. homewrecker.

Comment by Anonymous

YIKESA. On the cover, I thought it was Jaclyn Smith with yet another face lift…but no.. just looks like your typical airbrushed into next week vapid bimbo.

Comment by lola lola

no i’ve seen her on other stuff… MAJOR PLASTIC SURGERY.. pulled and pinched too much.. she’s very pretty but looks nothing like herself anymore at all

Comment by theonly1withoutherpes

She doesn’t look as scary as she normally does.

Comment by Barks

She looks great but not only did she have a lot of work done in her face, but also she’s awfully skinny.

Comment by Agustina

I want her photographer and the one who did the airbrushing. They’re the great ones.

Comment by Shoe_freak

Woahhh who’s the girl on the cover? Certainly not Rose. It hardly looks anything like her. There is airbrushing that just enhances someones features and then there is airbrushing that makes them a totally different person. This is an example of the second kind…and I don’t really like it. Otherwise though this chick looks hot.

Comment by Stephi

Cover shot doesn’t even look like her- ridiculous.

Comment by parissucksliterally

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