April 19, 2007, 7:16 pm
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Madonna held her son, David Banda, endearingly at an orphan care centre today run by Raising Malawi, a grassroots initiative launched by the songstress, in Mphendula Village, about 40 km from the capital Lilongwe.

Madge danced with Malawian children during a visit to an orphanage and urged them to help themselves instead of relying on her.

“This is a partnership, it’s not (for) me to do everything but we need to work together and you have to help yourselves,” Reuters quoted the Material One as saying.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call charity with a smile.


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um, help themselves with what? how? you’re talking about orphans in a third world country, what resources do you expect them to use to help themselves??!!

Comment by lolly

those are words she should have used with American kids.

Comment by lolly

She’s joking right? They have no resources, what exactly are they supposed to do…..oh I know, they should text the take out counter at the Ivy and have food delivered…’s lucky they have her to show them how to survive.

Comment by Patsy

did you guys think that maybe she ment they have to work together as in keeping it clean and treating it with respect??

Comment by ...

That boy looks like he could be Akon’s son

Comment by Me

David’s like “oh god, are you giving me back?? if not, get me the hell outta here! i just spent the last 2 years in this shit hole!”

Comment by rags

David is so cute! America, Malawi, God created them both and since I believe that, good on her here, there & everywhere she helps someone. It’s helluva lot more than most do who bitch the most.

Comment by Trinidad

I agree Trinidad.. I’m tired of people who barely think to leave spare change in the Salvation Army bucket during the holidays bitching about star’s motives… GET OVER YOURSELVES! Do 1/10th of what madonna does, then come talk to me

Comment by only.1.without.herpes

… no, i didn’t think of that at all, mostly because there’s no way Madonna herself would be cleaning anything.

Comment by lolly

lolly I am not a Madonna the celeb fan ever, but no matter her true reasons for being there, some good things have come for Malawi that might not have otherwise. That’s how I see it, and why I get touchy when her and others doing what they do, and doing it where they feel called to do it gets disected. I guarantee you the poorest of the poor in the states still got more than most in a lot more places on the globe than we think. I’m not saying the poor here don’t count. I’m saying we got so many safty nets and charitable arms that people in the poorest parts of the world would be considered rich if the same access. We got foodstamps if you hungry, a health card if you sick, subsidised housing if you need somewhere to live, and a voucher for your utilities to pay for the lights. Medicare, Medicad, SSI, and orphanages that make sure a child gets more than 3 hots and a cot. I pat Madonna on the back and I don’t care if it is a PR stunt.

Comment by Trinidad

David looks happy and Madonna looks happy. That’s all that matters.

And she’s right at the end of the day, people in Africa need to do it themselfs. It is possible look at South Africa for excample.

Comment by OMG Really?

That’s a really cute picture of her and the baby. I hate reading people say bad things about her kids, I think they are cute.
And good for her to be there helping those people, I hope she continues to help them for years and years and will always take the boy to his country because that’s where he’s from and where his real father is.

Comment by blake

David is very cute, Zahara is not. She is holding her baby and her other kids are big, this is normal. Unlike u know who -who lets a 10 month old be held by anyone but her – yet will hold her 5 or 3 yr old.

Comment by dame

trinidad, i’m with you! i don’t care if it’s a PR stunt or not, she’s doing great works; i feel the same about AJ! i’m just saying in this particular case, i don’t know why she told them she expected them to help themselves. dumb thing to say if you ask me.

Comment by lolly

Same as I felt with Angelina’s adoptions. I think it’s great to adopt regardless of motive, circumstances, etc. Anyone who brings attention to a good cause (taking in an unwanted or needy child) is a good thing.

Comment by candyapple

lolly I can understand that. It does sound harsh, but I do wonder if something got lost between what she said and Reuters. I am not up on her personality, but it would seem she would be smarter than to say those words. I hope so!

Comment by Trinidad

A FUG dirty little nigger monkey in diapers … that’s all that is …

Comment by lolly

Why is that kid got the “whatchyoutalkin’ about Willis?” look?

Comment by Kim Basinger's left labia

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