April 19, 2007, 5:47 pm
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CLICK HERE to check out Gwen Stefani’s latest video for ‘4 in the Morning.’

The intimate video, directed by none other than Sophie Muller, shows off Gwen’s personal, less designer self. Consider it a modern day ‘Underneath it All’ — except not as good.


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We need No Doubt back. fast

Comment by B :)

Gwen is loosing it…she is not very talented and her clothes line is ugly

Comment by the voice

She totally got her boobs did. Too bad.

Comment by LB

It’s amazing what nursing a baby does for your breasts!

Comment by she

nah, she got her boobs did. i noticed one pic with some major cleavage at the mtv awards where she was wearing a leopard dress – profile view standing next to snoop dogg. it was before she got pregnant. ah well, it’s a good job and very subtle.

Comment by EAT IT

She looks lovely. If she had her boobs done, I’m salty with her.

Comment by lolly

what do you mean boring????!!!! i love it!!! gwen is beyond gorgeous. and HER BOOBS ARE REAL. GET OVER YOUR JEALOUSY. just have a baby and then think about it…and her boobs were real next to snoop dogg…it’s called a push up bra…have you not seen paris hilton’s?

Comment by tiffany

^ tiffany – you my want to chill. i doubt you’re a personal friend of hers. if you don’t like the comments, go elsewhere.

Comment by dottcomm1

finally saw the video and i like it. a nice break from the recent ones.
nah, not jealous of gwen just because i think she had her boobs did. it’s a great job.
a pal sent me this pic and it convinced me:

Comment by EAT IT

ack.. sorry above link doesn’t work. nevermind. 😦

Comment by EAT IT

Too much pouty kissy face for me. The bathtub thing? WTF was that for. There is just so much wrong with this vid and the song stinks.

Comment by Butch

I like the more natural side of Gwen a lot better than her whole high fashion kinda thing. I really miss what she was like in No Doubt!!! I loved the whole Ex-Girlfriend era so much…pink hair and angry songs all the way!! Bring back No Doubt and the naked drummer!!

Comment by Stephi

the song is ok, nothing great.

Gwen did have her boobs done a few years ago, long before she got pregnant. She also had her nose done, but that was in the mid 90’s.

Comment by parissucksliterally

she looks great in this video!i love the hair.the song is okay i can relate to it so im sure it will grow on me.i gotta admit sweet escape was cheesy is hell but i still bumped it in my car so im sure i will do the same with this song .

Comment by iwannamarryjay-z

Granted, she looks really pretty, but good lord, she’s so VAIN! 95% of the video is her staring straight into the camera — but it’s weird in that she looks as though she’s staring into a mirror (not a camera) practicing her best MySpace faces.

Comment by Alice

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