April 19, 2007, 2:01 pm
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Britney Spears went for the gypsy look yesterday in this pretty lilac dress, complete with her now signature wig and hat.

While she may look fab, rumour has it that Brit’s so busy re-establishing her career after rehab that she has no time left for her kids.

“Britney says she has so much going on with getting back to work on her album that her plate is too full to care for two kids,” the friend told OK! magazine.

One person who is benefiting by the the newly rehabilitated songstress’¬†busy schedule is ex Kevin Federline who gets to spend all the time with the kids while Britney is away shopping, dining and getting massages.


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“her plate is too full to care for two kids…”

WTF???? what a fucking asshole! i feel for those kids. then again, you can’t help who you’re born to. absolutely pathetic!

Comment by dottcomm1

you do realize he has custody of the kids four days a week, right?
So for at least four days a week, she doesn’t have kids, and should be (and for all appearances is…) working on her album and getting her shit straight. What she does on her own time in those four days is irrelevant.

Comment by sigh


you are correct for she has been seen for the last few weeks without her kids AT ALL.

Comment by yeahso?

I cannot stand her. I understand she has mental issues, but the only one I can see is that she is a selfish bitch. She had kids because she just HAD to have them, now she realizes how much work they are. She has lived her life getting what she wants and then been able to throw it away. Now she realizes she can’t do that with children, and its too hard. I hope that Kevin is mature enough to be the parent that the children need, even if it is part time. Ugh

Anyway, I’ll try to say something nice. I thought her dress looked pretty in the first pic. Then I saw the second…..

Comment by Me

I’d love to have her money so I could get my fat melted away.

Comment by she

can i just say something about that outfit? the boots have got to go!

Comment by sarah

Arrggghhhh – those damn boots!!!

Comment by OhHellNo!

I agree with you, Me. She is so fucking selfish.

The dress is kinda cute, but of course she had to fuck up the outfit with those fucking BOOTS!

Comment by parissucksliterally

I think it’s better that she is staying away from the kids, for their sake! And put those saggy tits in a bra!

Oh yeah…nice boots retard!

Comment by rags

I could totally live with those boots forever and ever if she would promise not to spill food and drinks on all her clothes. It’s like she’s retarded or something, how hard can it be to get through a meal without spilling. Does she have some physical illness that the public is not aware of?

Comment by BeJeeBus

I agree with everyone, the boots are horrendous, but more importantly, what is with those hats?!!
If she really has just spend 1000’s of dollars on wigs, why does she insist on covering them up with those ugly hats?
Truly, she’s hopeless.

Comment by ummm

You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but cant the trailer park out of the girl.
She is so trashy, and I feel for her kids and even (gulp) feel for Kevin.

Comment by Red

bitch loves those boots. speaking of bootz, did anybody see flava of love charm school. haha, they’re a wreck.


she looks fab? seriously arasto.

i think we need to come up with a word for the wig-hat. her wighat. wiggy wicky wah? wighat. how ya like that?

Comment by lolly

it’s better that way. i’d rather see those babys with a nanny who know’s how to take care of a child than that baby dropping lunatic. none the less she is a selfish pig

Comment by bunny

dont believe everything you read guys! and yeah she looks fab! her old self.

Comment by hrvatica

The hat that just screams “I’m a bird brain!” and “I’m a cuckoo!!”

Comment by SinDee

She looks really cute in that first picture, and while I don’t particularly like her style I like that she really doesn’t care if shes on the best dressed list or not. She’s always come across as a very real, independant person in my opinion. And as for her kids, I actually think its important that she focuses on herself at the moment. How can she begin to be a good mother without feeling good about herself. I’m sure the children are being looked after and once she is back on her feet again she will be a great mom.

Comment by Stephi

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