April 20, 2007, 7:51 pm
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Rumour has it Jennifer Aniston is enlisting the help of ‘Naked Chef’ Jamie Oliver to compete in Oprah Winfrey’s reality show ‘The Big Give’, in which celebrity pairings compete to find the most innovative and dramatic ways to donate money to charity.

Let’s just hope their creation has nothing to do with food cuz the last time Aniston had a proper meal was the second season of ‘Friends.’


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Christ does she look horrific in that picture or what??

Comment by Anonymous

boy, she is ugly, ugh.

Comment by Marcy

Yes, bad pic… but she can do no wrong in my eyes (otherwise) ;). I think she’s lovely as a person… and I used to dislike her back in the Friends heyday, so it’s odd.

Comment by Aysla

I think she looks adorable in this picture (course I always think she looks adorable), and what’s up with the dig, arasto? she is definitely a healthy eater, not a starver! she’s tone and muscley not sticks!

Comment by yourdumb

I really don’t see how you come up with your comments Arasto? Some of them really don’t have a leg to stand on at all and I feel like they are just being said to be bitchy. As if Jennifer has ever been a starver! She’s pretty much always looked the same size and she’s got a really fantastic, healthy body.

Comment by Stephi

I loved her dress and do in that premiere…

Comment by Agustina

that was my comment up there that says yourdumb…i forgot to change it back

Comment by lolly

and another day when i wholeheartedly agree with Stephi, yay!

Comment by lolly

Jen does have a fantastic body, and this is not the best pic of her.

Comment by parissucksliterally

yes jen has a good body but please guys there is no way she’s not on a very limited diet!

Comment by SAS

I loved his shows on Foodtv, but they don’t come on much anymore. I wish they bring them back again.

Comment by Trinidad

I LOVE Jamie Oliver..that must be a terrible picture of both of them because he is ABSOLUTELY adorable! And I don’t recall him having such a jug-head like he looks in that pic…MORE JAMIE!!!

Comment by Lola Lola

I’m kinda thinking that’s not even her.

Comment by Anonymous

isn’t jamie oliver married?

Comment by thighmegatampon

Jennifer Aniston is all the rage right now

Comment by coffee fiend

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