April 20, 2007, 1:49 pm
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Kate Middleton is not letting the demise of her four-year relationship with Prince William get her down.

The newly single 25-year-old made her first party appearance since her split from Wills last weekend at London hotspot Mahiki in Mayfair.

Looking like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders (literally), the usually camera-shy Kate smiled and joked with the paparazzi.

Could this be another celeb who turns a break-up into a fabulous makeover à la Reese Witherspoon and Drew Barrymore? Stay tuned!


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you go, girl!

Comment by dottcomm1

She will fade into the darkness…
His new girlfriend will takeover the spotlight.

Comment by Kelly-Ann

In this picture, she looks like the brunette older sister of Lauren Conrad (The Hills)

Comment by RoMa

Kate will have a beautiful life (and the opportunity to have cute kids) without William and his entire family in her business! Good for her for not allowing that breakup with Sir Bunny-Tooth ruin her ability to SMILE!! She’s a beautiful girl who will find someone deserving of her charm and not some Grandma’s boy who can’t make personal decisions for himself!

Comment by JaneSays

nice-looking girl. . .but kinda looks about 40 here. a nice-looking 40-year-old.

Comment by fume


I love your comment and agree totally. Kate appears to be a beautiful, intelligent, and educated young woman. She will thank God her kids won’t have equine faces like the inbred Windsors. You would think after the disaster with Diana and Charles they would leave things alone. I can only think of how we would have been spared Diana’s atrocious fashion sense if Charles had never married her.

Comment by amara

You guys are dumb idiots. Of course who he weds is more to dow ith his family than what he wants. William has bn raised to be the head of the nation, not to mention several other nations such as australia, canada & several other commonwelth countries. They are not your average family for crying out loud & have far more responsibilities to uphold than anyone can ever imagine. His life & wishes also have to come 2nd to his people. Unless your european or asian you don’t really understand the importance of royalty.

Comment by lisa

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