April 20, 2007, 3:26 pm
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It seems Britney Spears has traded in her vodka and cranberry for something a lot more natural.

Photogs caught up with the sober songstress yesterday as she made a pitstop in Malibu to pick up some fresh strawberries from a local vendor.

At first I was worried that Britney was ingesting unwashed fruit (likely loaded with pesticides), but then I remembered that she was once married to Kevin Federline. Girlfriend is willing to put anything into her mouth.



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How much you want to bet she’s wearing THE boots?

Comment by parissucksliterally

psl – you crack me up!

Comment by dottcomm1

Wouldn’t Britney just die if everyone quit paying attention to her? I would love to see the entire world just ignore her and see what happens….

Comment by T

oh, it’s me, myself and i again.

Comment by peep

me too, T, me too!!

Comment by lolly

and we certainly don’t need a daily dose of britney.

Comment by lolly

Her teeth bug me. They’re unnaturally white and painstakingly obvious that she went for one too many teeth whitening procedures. You just KNOW with her diet (cheetos, soda, junk food) that her teeth would otherwise be yellow, stained, and on their way to rotting.

Okay, that was mean. I just reaaally dislike her :P.

Comment by Aysla

There is something about these pictures that made me think Britney is trying to turn into Anna Nicole Smith. Maybe it is the dress.

Comment by audrey

I honestly don’t think she likes or asks for the attention at all. All she does is carry on with her life. It’s not like she’s done anything remarkable career wise lately and yet the paparazzi still can’t leave her alone. I think she went through a bit of a stage there with the whole crotch flashing thing but I think now she’s living a pretty normal kinda life.

Comment by Stephi

There is something about these pictures that made me think Britney is trying to turn into Anna Nicole Smith. Maybe it is the dress.

Comment by audrey 04.20.07 @ 10:42 pm

I agree. She’s trying to look like Anna Nicole.

Comment by Agustina

oh, and she drinks pineapple and rum, not vodka and cranberry

Comment by lolly

NO MORE DAILY DOSES please please arasto you’re killing me!

Comment by SAS

don’t forget the champagne and coke lolly! and the CIGARETTES.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Enough with the ‘cowboy’ look, it makes her look like a real idiot. The day won’t ever come when you will see this clown in something normal, like slacks and a decent top with decent shoes, and I mean never. She had some nerve blaming he manager for her mess, like he told her to shave her hair in public, then she wonders why everyone thinks she’s nuts, I think, she is. No girl her age dresses like this, she’s is totally nuts.

Comment by Sara

I was wondering the same thing, she’s seems to be dressing for an act or something, not for walking the streets or shopping. Always over done, always cheap looking. Someone should take her butt to a store in Beverly Hills and dress her from head to toe, but you know something, she wouldn’t feel comfortable in good clothes, it has to be cheap looking, or a Cowboy theme, she’s unreal!

Comment by manny

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