April 20, 2007, 1:23 am
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I have fantabulous news for you Brangemaniacs!

Angelina Jolie and her babydaddy Brad Pitt will attend the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in France next month in support of their flick ‘A Mighty Heart.’

The film is based on the life of Mariane Pearl, wife Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal journalist who was killed after being kidnapped in the Pakistani city of Karachi in January 2002 where he was investigating Islamic militancy.

‘A Might Heart’ is one of 21 films competing for the prestigious Palme d’Or.

Not big news per se, but at least this offers us a few weeks free of tabloid-fabricated Brangelina separation stories.


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Wishing them a happy life, regardless of anyone opinion.

Comment by pp

Don’t think I’ve ever seen her cling to him that way. Just my first thought.

Comment by candyapple

I remember seeing a video that shows them with their arms wrapped around each other in the Banksy exhibition-thingy. But I think it was because they weren’t aware of anyone taping them.

Comment by Phoenix

me too pp i don’t understand the real hate they get. and i cant wait to see what they wear lol!

candyapple i remember them walking like that at the golden globes..

Comment by SAS

I have seen many pics of her clingy to him and vice versa.

Comment by Hope

I cant wait for the Ocean 13 Canne group shots more than anything. I am SO excited that we are getting closer to the release.

Comment by Trinidad

maybe they will stay there…can only hope

Comment by Kathy

My opinion: According to body language – she’s the one in control. Notice how she is ahead of him and her left hand on his jacket. She’s pulling him to where she want him to go. It’s also a way of saying “he is mine”. She’s leading her man. Her smile is very confident, very relaxed. As far as he’s concern he doesn’t mind being lead. He’s looking down which said “just let me know which is the way and I’ll follow”. He’s a man with lots of confidence and if she’s want to be the more agressive one in the relationship then he’s fine with that. Also, see how they’re both stepping with their right leg it saids they’re both in sync – which is a good thing.
Will this relationship last? So far, so good. I’m a fan of both and hope it lasts. They’re good people doing good in this world.

Comment by OhHellNo!

She is so insucure (sp)………..VERY INSUCURE

Comment by Red

Yeah, the clutchy thing is creepy. I don’t care who’s in control. She’s a homewreker masquerading as Mother Teresa…I thought she was supposed to be “home with her babies”…? Aren’t they “the most important thing to” her?….hmmm. I think she’s a fake & full of crap. And Brad, he got what he deserves…They deserve each other.

Comment by lola lola

How is holding on to your partner ‘creepy’ – people want to criticise anything.

Comment by Phoenix

^^^i was thinking the same thing. i don’t it as creepy behavior. couples hold on to each other all the time.
glad to see they look happy here.

Comment by EAT IT

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