April 20, 2007, 7:31 pm
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Listen up, fashionistas — Karl Lagerfeld is headed Stateside.

The Paris-based designer will fly to LA to show off his Chanel Cruise collection in a runway extravanganza on May 18 at the Santa Monica Airport with a star-studded post party.

Hmm….just in time to do a little dress placement for the Emmys, perhaps?

And just for fun, here are a few words of wisdom from the Gloved One himself.

Karl on how he feels before a show: “I have no human feelings.”

Karl on how he keeps the weight off: “I eat next to nothing.”

Karl on his insatiable thirst for knowledge: “I like to look very superficial.”



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at least he’s honest…

Comment by ...

“at least he’s honest…”


Also, I like how he wears those gloves to hide his wrinkled hands and those shirts with impossibly high collars to hide his wrinkled neck…

Comment by Dee Bee

Ah, my favorite diva…

Comment by Kidge

Karl is a really really strange looking individual. What’s with those shirt collars and those stupid gloves???

Comment by MikeC...

you are right about the gloves and collar dee bee! Diane Keaton does the same thing!
he is great though…

Comment by Holler

I liked him better before he lost all that weight..Now he looks like a lollipop…Issac Mizrahi too, He looks better with a little meat on his bones…Leave the skin & bones look for the Olsen twins

Comment by lola lola

lol. i had to laugh at his responses.

Comment by EAT IT

He is a FREAK!!

Like a male cruella de vil charachter…and being only a charcter…why does he think he is so important?

oohhh yes! brand whores make him the queen que is!

Comment by the devil

Hehe =). He strikes me as being one of those people who are funny (intentionally or not) with a very deadpan expression, so you can’t tell if they’re being serious or pulling your leg.

Comment by Aysla

I wonder what kinds of emotions he has, if not human?

Comment by yourdumb

He is a very strange little man that’s for sure but when it comes to fashion he is an absolute genius. My mom and I are headed to this show, not the after party though unfortunately! Very exciting!!

Comment by Stephi

Probably he fucks tons of bois or he’s fucked by them so he lives in pradise right? 😉

Comment by stratos

LOL great post arasto. i forgive his eccentricities as he really is one of the great designers.

Comment by SAS

HAHAHA! “I have no human feelings”! I love him.

Comment by louise

He’s not a genius, he’s the one who ruined Chanel.

Comment by Samantha Jones

[…] Karl on his insatiable thirst for knowledge: “I like to look very superficial.” Faaaabulous! SOURCE a runway show in an airport. hmmm, maybe it has something to do with the collection […]

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Karl is Pure Evil

Comment by Arty Rosato

He is just fa-bu-lous!!!!!! I adore him, he took over beautifully for Coco, no one else could this way!!!!

Comment by Gol Moeini

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