April 20, 2007, 3:41 am
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Meet 3-year-old Grace, Madonna‘s latest addition to her ever-growing collection of African babies. Or so they say.

While Camp Madge maintains there are no plans to adopt, Malawi is a buzz with rumours that the Material One is shopping for a sister for her adopted son David Banda.

What’s more? Following in the footsteps of fellow celebrity baby collector Angelina Jolie, Madonna reportedly plans on starting a “rainbow family” of up to three more adopted babies.


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we’ll see soon enough if this is true.

Comment by parissucksliterally

True or not IN MY OPINION Grace is beautiful. She puts me in the mind of Lauryn Hill.

Comment by Trinidad

Apparently adopted kids are the new Birkin bag.

Comment by Kidge

Fug, dirty, nigger monkeys in diapers … give ’em to the damn zoo … enough said …

Comment by K

Your permalinks don’t work. They all land at

Comment by ???

I think this is great! I hope M lightens up on the strictness.

Hey PSl

Comment by B :)

i don’t think this is true but if it is then good on her. grace is just as cute as david!

Comment by SAS

Somehow I see Ritchie together with Rocco leaving M and her bunch.

Comment by Shoe_freak

aww that child is so cute.

Comment by l

shoe freak what on earth would make you think that? thats like those people saying brad will take shiloh when they break up.

what would make you think he would choose one child over the other or that either of them would want one of their children to live apart from their siblings? honestly.

Comment by SAS

to whom it may concern:
is there anyway that you could delete offensive comments like the one left by K 04.20.07 @ 5:18 am ? i mean i’m all for freedom of speech, but i don’t think that some idiots comments deserves any space on your website. i check this website at least once a day & read all the comments, too. it would be nice if you could remove it so the rest of us don’t have to put up with such ignorance.

ps.both of those children are beautiful!

Comment by kali

man if she adopts anymore kids her husband will leave her for sure. the marriage was shaky after the first adoption.
i don’t think she should adopt for a while, its going to affect her marriage.

Comment by ryan

i dont think that adopted kids are the new black, i think people now realise that you can love them as if they were biological and now is just more accepted.
i think is a great think that adoption is seem like a true form to build a family now.

Comment by Marcy

M should work on her marriage and not use adopted babies as a quick fix. Why didnt Guy go to Africa with her? Still the baby is cute, but with her money she could be doing a lot more good by helping out the whole orphanage making it a better place than just focusing on one child.

Comment by kt

I hope the webmaster of this site removes the racist comments by K. asap!

Comment by Simba

sas, I just think that Ritchie is not supporting M in her plans for adoption.
Lourdes is not his kid and David was her project, that’s why I said he’ll take Rocco.

Comment by Shoe_freak

Meh, in thinking about it I’d have to agree – those two little black niggers are nothing more than little apes …

Comment by Simba

i have to agree with you Simba and yes, with you too K, those 2 are really fug monkeys in diapers.

Comment by kali

if she (or anybody) can give these kids a better life, who are we to judge. i think it’s awesome!

astro – please remove the racist comments. we have enough shit in our lives that we don’t need it here, too.

Comment by dottcomm1

but D A Y U M !!! they sure do look like little gorillas in diapers, i do have to admit!

Comment by dottcomm

HEY, quit copying my name whoever you are i don’t feel quite that way. but yes, they are fug and yes, they are very black and yes, they are apes but if i want to say it i will and, i just did.

Comment by dottcomm1

we’ll see how many she adopts. glad to see celebs helping others.

Comment by EAT IT

evil is most certainly alive. just read the racist blogs for proof!

Comment by jo jo

but those little chimps really do belong in malawi in the jungles with the gorilla parents!

Comment by jo jo

Just ban that ip address already ^. ‘Nuff said.

Comment by Aysla

OOPS – then that would ban me … lol …

dirty little monkeys in diapers ^. ‘Nuff said.

Comment by Aysia

Arasto, would you please ban the pathetic internet racist who keeps referring to black children as apes and niggers. Isn’t this blog supposed to be for entertainment? Don’t let him/her turn this into a hate speech forum.

Comment by Truly

^ YOU DUMBSHIT! You didn’t even spell the name right of the person you were trying to mimic! Dummy!

Comment by yourdumb

Sorry Truly, the YOU DUMBSHIT post wsa for the person trying to be Aysla, but misspelling it Aysia

Comment by yourdumb

Hey “your dumb” – aka “Aysla” – my guess is you’re an ugly, dirty, nigger ape too … and you’re right – you’re dumb, to … (by the way, if you’re going to correct someone’s grammar or syntax, then learn the correct usage/spelling of words/phrases, as well) … its not “your dumb” its “you’re dumb” … you nigger …

Comment by Truly

wow. whoever is doing that whole copying the name thing needs to get a life. and needs to be banned from this site asap, or you can count on my never coming back. i come to this site to get some humour and celeb gossip, not to read some racist pigs comments. please remove them, and ban that user.

Comment by kali

niggers are monkeys ,every country they get ther hands on they mess up

Comment by proud aryan

adopting a nigger baby is the new must have item for celebrities, there are plenty of poor white kids who could do with being adopted ,but most celebs think its cool to have a nigger kid from some shit hole African country ,if the whites still ran things in Africa the blacks would be better off. proud racist

Comment by proud aryan

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