April 21, 2007, 5:49 pm
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The stars are in Palm Beach County this weekend.

First you’ve got the Palm Beach International Film Festival, which started Friday and goes through next week. Then there was the fabulous party at International Polo featuring John Legend and Hilary Duff last night.

During a two-song performance, Duff, all grown up and promoting her new album, actually sang live (no lip-syncing here) and the crowd got on their feet.

Or maybe it was those two stampeding elephants that had people moving…..


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I don’t really find her pretty at al. But that’s a nice dress.

Comment by Agustina

um ya i hate this bitch even more now.she isnt really pretty and i hate events and people that go to events that have animals such as loins elephants and whatever else as a form of entertmant .fuck hilary .that shit is cruel i have seen vid of animals being mistreated in these sort of event .fuck her

Comment by iwannamarryjay-z

Hilary looks very pretty here and I really like the dress (bow and all).

iwannamarryjay-z, just because you haven’t seen pictures of your fav. celebs at these kinds of shows/events… doesn’t mean they don’t go. I agree that it’s a cruel business, but I don’t think that attending automatically makes Hilary a bad person… yet, I don’t agree with the fact that she supports it by going and performing. For example, I’m a person with a really good work ethic… does that mean I think that people who frequently show up to work late or miss work are horrible? No. But I might respect them a little less ;).

Comment by Aysla

I hate the circus. Always have. It smells so badly there, and I have been freaked out by clowns since I saw “Poltergeist” in the theaters when I was 10! (NO! DON’T look under the BED!!!!! lmao)

Comment by parissucksliterally

awww she’s adorable

Comment by sigh


Comment by maggie

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