April 22, 2007, 9:25 pm
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Looking stunning in a blue mini dress, Geri Halliwell was all smiles today following her daughter Bluebell Madonna‘s christening at St. Michael’s church in London’s Hampstead.

There was a mini reunion in north London as Geri’s former Spice Girls pals Victoria Beckham, mum-to-be Emma Bunton and Melanie Chisholm were guests of honour at the baptism of her 11-month-old daughter.

The only original member of the Spice Girls not present was Melanie Brown who is currently living in the United States seeking her lottery winnings….err….child support checks.


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Awwwwww! Geri really does look good, she put on a bit of weight there for a while but its obvious shes sorted that out. Victoria looks amazing as usual…love her dress!

Comment by Stephi

Has Posh had her implants removed? Her boobs look strangely…..normal? I actually looked up some other pics from the christening and they do seem smaller.

Comment by Nineveh

Geri was always my favorite, and she looks great here. Motherhood agrees with her.

Comment by Kidge

Geri should be shot for naming her kid Bluebell Madonna.

That’s just fucked up. Fucking moron….she doesn’t have enough pull to keep that poor kid from being tortured her whole life.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Wow, Victoria looks gorgeous! I love her dress!

Comment by sarah

i don’t see anything pretty about victoria. her face is like a fish-pig combo, her fingers always look glued together so she looks like she has mits for hands, shes shapeless except for fake boobs, wears too much makeup and is overly tan. and as for fashion she makes couture look tacky – lacks imaginations wears outfits off the runway and can’t figure out how to mix it up.

Comment by anon

geri looks fab!!

Comment by anon

wow, geri looks really great here!

Comment by EAT IT

victoria is getting as freaky and caricaturesque as Lagerfeld… anything but pretty.

Comment by THE DEVIL

Aww what a cute baby

Comment by June

Geri looks great, hate Victoria’s hairdo, Bluebell is no beauty queen.

Comment by Shoe_freak

If you want to see more Spice.
Emma looked wonderful, Mel C, wore awful shoes, Victoria’s dress is nice.


Comment by Shoe_freak

Posh is looking mighty fugly lately…nice white trash hair she’s sporting there…

Comment by starr

I love how great Vicotia look.. all you jealous haters dont even know what shes like.. she’s great!

Comment by jen

since when are tits appropriate in church?

Comment by dakota's left nipple

damn geri looks great lately, better than she ever has!
and its good to see the spice girls together again, only took a decade to see them together in a pic together (minus scary spice, she should had shown up for the event. but she’s too busy trying to take all of eddie murphy’s money – what happened to girl power?)

Comment by ryan

Geri looks good. The only thing pretty about Posh is her outfit.

Comment by Agustina

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