April 22, 2007, 12:33 am
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ASHLEE SIMPSON rocked Tsubi‘s new indigo blue jeans during a night out at Parc in Hollywood earlier this week. Meanwhile, VICTORIA BECKHAM showed off her endless gams in the must-have item during a shopping spree today in London.


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Comment by THE DEVIL

VICTORIA! she looks great in anything!

Comment by sarah

neither, those jeans are hideous!

Comment by Missu

That’s not indigo.

Comment by Pin

They both look good in it.

Comment by Agustina

Posh looks great. The photo of Ashley is a little strange but I imagine she looks great as well. Wish there was a better shot of Ash to compare.

Comment by candyapple


Comment by chicken little

Posh of course!

The brand is now Ksubi by the way.

Comment by SAS

ashlee by far

Comment by sigh

i adore those jeans!
oooh a must have!

Comment by natasha

Posh, is amazing in them

Comment by bananarama

Posh looks so weird! Like some sort of robot-alien-android. I just don’t get her look. Gain some weight. Soften your look a bit and back off on the spray-tan. You could be so pretty!

Comment by Sheila


Comment by Anonymous

posh. fo sho.

Comment by crumbly

Yes but they used to be called tusbis. They had to change the name to ksubi because it was too similar to tsubo. Anyone could make that mistake.
I love these jeans and I’ve actually got them myself so I’m kinda bias towards them! I think they look great on both girls but Posh just takes everything beyond fabulous…so I’ll have to go with her.

Comment by Stephi

That is nowhere near indigo, I would call that cyan.

Comment by louise

Those jeans are frankly hideous.

Comment by Anonymous

You could go with cerulean as well.

Comment by Texan


Comment by yummytits

I wouldn’t wear “colored” jeans- soooo 1985.


Comment by parissucksliterally


Comment by Anonymous

ashlee..posh is almost died..she’s anorexic…she looks quite strange…she terrifies me!!1ahahaha by the way…ashlee is elegant as victoria…the only thing that makes me choose ashlee is victoria’s strange look

Comment by LauraParis


Comment by sarah

POSH! her top, belt and bag saved those hideous pants.

Comment by 1718

[…] BECKHAM showed off her endless gams in the must-have item during a shopping spree today in London. SOURCE i have to go with my bb posh on this one rnum=Math.round(Math.random() * 100000); […]

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that’s far from indigo blue..

Comment by mylene

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