April 23, 2007, 2:42 pm
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Suri Cruise was cuter than a duck’s butt over the weekend as she escorted papa Tom and mama Katie to Brooke Shield‘s daughter Grier Henchy’s first birthday party.

Brooke originally wanted Grier and Suri to have a joint birthday party because they were born in the same hospital on the same day.

Grier and company were treated to a Tweety Bird themed party and gifts ranged from charity donations to overpriced baby gear from Petit Tresor.


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awwww…she’s cute. She really looks like a combo of Katie & Tom. Looks like she got Tom’s nose…uh oh…

Comment by spinner

I don’t think she’s a pretty baby at all…..sorry, to those who say, “It’s a BABY! HOW can you be so mean?”

There are plenty of babies who are not pretty- and Suri isn’t in my opinion.

Comment by parissucksliterally

^I think she’s pretty ugly too actually! But most white babies are.

Comment by Eeek!

i think shes one of the cutest hollywood babies.i just love the hair.shes gorgeous.

Comment by l

FUCK I figured it out….that baby looks like Mason Reese…that fugly red headed boy from the ’70’s commercials….damn that guy was fug….put a red wig on this fug kid and BAM…she’s be a little mason-ite…

Her nose is HUGE!!!!!…Babies usually have a nice little button nose…that kid’s have elephant…mama pyjama…now you see when parents have facelifts and birth fug babies…..gaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwddddddd…this is L.Ron sperm isn’t it….YES IT IS….L. Ron had a huge honker like this kid…Katie was basted!!!!

Comment by toonkinstein

^ too funny!!! but, you’re right!

sorry – but there’s cuter. people make such a big deal because she’s a cruise. big whoop!

Comment by dottcomm1

I’m on the team mean too – I don’t think she’s very cute at all. I think she looks a little bit retarted actually.

Comment by Pole

I agree. It feels mean saying it but no she is not that cute.

Comment by my2cents

ahaha true dat, she’s definetley not cute, not exactly ugly but there’s something odd about her…probably the scientology influence.

Comment by Liv

aww come on…just cause she is not one of the fatties like the rest of you…

suri is the hotness!

Comment by cp1333

Both of them have this type of droopy eyes…
the kid has them!

Comment by the devil

she’s not cute at all…getting uglier …droppy eyes, Tom’s nose …yuk

Comment by meg

Suri is one of the CUTEST celebrity babies!

Comment by Kelly-Ann

OMG, she DOES looks like Mason Reese!!! Good call, Tookinstein!

Count me in on the mean team, too.

Comment by Maximum Big Surprise

hmm, i think she’s cute!

Comment by EAT IT

She is adorable!!!

Comment by Kathy

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She looks SO MUCH like her father!

Comment by Anony

I used to think she was the cutest baby in Hollywood, but she’s definitely not as cute as she used to be. I have to agree with her nose looking more and more like Tom’s. Guess that could shoot down Stephi’s conspiracy theory.

Comment by 4PetesSake

I was thinking the British Kid from HR Puff N Stuff —

but Mason Reese is a very good call

Comment by NYCMami

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Suri is the spitting image of Tom’s cousin William Mapother, best known as Ethan on Lost.

Comment by Fantasia

mason reese:

i see resemblance!

Comment by dottcomm1

whoa…suri’s starting to look weird…she was really cute, but now, she looks…odd.

It would be funny if a (former) looker like Tome Cruise had a baby that grew up to be fugly, lol…

Comment by starr

^ whoops…meant Tom, not Tome, lol

Comment by starr

she used to be cuter, but i still think she’s cute. btw, don’t u find gerri halliwell’s kid kida looks like shiloh?

Comment by bluebird

Well, with all the sleeping around that goes on in “hollywood” the kids were bound to start looking inbred at some point, this is the first of many I’m sure

Comment by starr

I’m one of those people who find most babies to be cute but in this case, I just don’t see it. I find her to be unfortunate looking in almost all pictures.

Comment by chelseah

who’s that guy? Tom’s boyfriend?

Comment by starr

Why does the kid look Chinese??? I don’t get it–Is Tom part Chinese or what > LOL…..

Comment by MikeC...

I love Suri. She’s so cute and she seems like she’s gotta a lot of personality. I am a rare breed. I can’t stand Tom, but I like TomKat.

Comment by Trinidad

I think Suri is cute, but I don’t like the shag on her. They should put her hair up in a little ponytail or pigtails. =D

Comment by Aysla

Suri is not cute, but she’s not ugly at all. Too bad she got his dad’s features.

Comment by Agustina

Grier Henchy? Poor kid what an ugly name.

Comment by me

whether she got Tom looks…STILL SHE’S BEAUTIFUL…..

Comment by Denise

There have been times when I thought she was cute but this is certainly not one of them! She really does look boyish and I totally agree with you NYCMiami that she looks like the HR Pufenstuf kid!! I just couldn’t put my finger on it! I still stand by the fact that she’s Chris Kleins kid…because he looks a bit Asian too.

Comment by Stephi

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