April 23, 2007, 8:40 pm
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Just in case this acting thing doesn’t pan out, child star Dakota Fanning – winner of the Young Hollywood ‘Hottest Coolest Young Veteran’ Award – prepares for a fall-back career as a spokesmodel displaying products on a TV game show.


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She is incredibly creepy…

Comment by starr

She is a manufactured product herself…It would be a good move for her.

Comment by spinner

She has the face of an 88 year old woman– I mean she looks just like the old lady Rose from Titanic

Comment by NYCMami

she looks creepy and sick. hellooooo anorexia at 12. what child has burned out hair like that? quick. give her some flintstone chewables.

Comment by dakota's left nipple

She is not an attractive child.

Comment by Trinidad

Jesus Christ people, she is a LITTLE GIRL. How would you like to have your awkward years played out in front of the world? It isn’t her fault she has crazy stage parents. Cut the poor kid some slack.

Comment by 4.54

she’s adorable, and she is a kid, that is too rude to say about her. plus she’s going to go through the rough teenage years and she doesn’t need to read negative things like this.
but i think she’s the best young actress we’ve had since jodie foster.

Comment by blake

^I agree, blake. Personally, I think she’s definitely a cute kid. I love her movies…even when they suck, if just for her acting. Dakota comes off as very sweet and age-appropriate, and she has the funniest laugh (I saw an interview with her). I hope she will be able to transition into a respected adult actor in the future… (ala the opposite of the ‘child star’ fate).

Comment by Aysla

I hope she doesn’t take the Olsen twins’ and Lindsay Lohan’s road. She’s adorable.

Comment by Agustina

Anorexia? Please!! Most normal 12 year old girls are this size. It’s just becuase so many parents fill their kids full of junk now that so many are overweight. Back when I was at school most girls were this size and there was only ever really one token fat kid now it seems that there is one token skinny child. Scary stuff!

Comment by Stephi

I agree with Stephi. All 12 year old girls are skinny bitches (Envy, haha !) But, yeah, they haven’t even begun growing at all.. Like my mom said, first the height, then the width, haha !

Comment by Emma

Oh whatever stop protecting her. She is aware that people are gonna talk about her, but I think the money weighs that out. She is freaking creepalicious, she looks a hundred years old at best…

Comment by BeJeeBus

she’s way too young to have such bad hair…

Comment by whatever

blake, bite me

Comment by starr

^ starr, fuck off tranny

Comment by blake

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