April 23, 2007, 2:57 pm
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British import Amy Winehouse has said yes to boyfriend Blake Fielder-Civil after he proposed to her in their north London flat.

Flashing her Tiffany‘s diamond ring for the first time last Thursday, she says: “I’m a very lucky girl to have found someone I love a lot. I want to be with Blake for the rest of my life.”

Their journey towards the altar hasn’t been an easy one, however. The couple met two years ago but split last year when Blake – a music video assistant – began dating someone else. Amy claims much of her hit album ‘Back To Basics’ was inspired by him and their break-up, including the emotional track ‘Tears Dry On Their Own.’


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I hope he’s not just trying to take advantage of her ever growing fame here in the US.
I fucking love her!

Comment by yeahso?

LOVE her, but she sure as hell ain’t stable.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Arasto, her album is “Back To BLACK”

Back to Basics is Aguilera

Comment by parissucksliterally

She is amazing but she looks like her life is a hot mess. The sad thing is her music is so good because of her life being a wreck.

Comment by my2cents

And Tears Dry on Their Own isn’t all that emotional. The words are certainly emotive but its pretty uptempo and optimistic. If you want emotional then I’d go for “Love is a Losing Game” or “Take the Box” from her first album.

Yes, I am an Amy Winehouse fan and I’m not ashamed to say it. However, I give her marriage a few gin-soaked months.

Comment by Selon

Love her music…what a shame she’s an addict.

Comment by spinner

I don’t see her alive in 2 years… it is a shame because she does have talent..

Comment by the voice

I hate that eyeliner…grrr

Comment by margaritaQ

What the fuck? Who are these fugly bastards?

Comment by starr

Love her so much, but she’s a fool. She evidence love is blind because the dude wasnt thinking about her, or not cheating on her, just mad public dogging her, until she blew up. She’s a star for real now, and she’s getting paid. He’s a scuzz, and a user. He’s worse than Pete Doherty “and that’s bad.”

Comment by Trinidad

btw, TEARS DRY ON THEIR OWN aint about Blake. Its about someone she was shagging in the interim. She wasn’t even into the dude but he was filling a need so to speak, and when it ended it weren’t a big deal, and thus “Tears Dry On Their Own.” Nothing to really get over time cant handle, you know?

Comment by Trinidad

She is SO gross

Comment by hairball

I think she is a fantastic artist and I love her album but she has definately got issues. She needs to work on herself before she gets married thats for sure. She can never love someone else until she loves herself.

Comment by Stephi

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