April 23, 2007, 2:26 pm
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Madonna has left Malawi last week without letting the father of her adopted son see his only child.

Farmer Yohane Banda is said to be distraught after two meetings for him to be reunited with 18-month-old David were cancelled.

Although Madge went to the Home of Hope orphanage, the place where she first met David last year, the much-publicized father and son reunion failed to materialize.

A source told People magazine: “Yohane was there all day on Saturday and in the morning of her visit. He was told he would spend some time with his son but the meeting was cancelled.”

Madonna’s publicist, Liz Rosenberg, said she did not know whether the reunion took place.

Let’s keep it real: the objective of this little trip was more publicity — not a reunion of any kind. That being said, mission complete.


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Maybe the meeting didn’t happen because he was such a butt-hole about the initial adoption. Stop trying to cash in & just be glad your son is in a good place.

Comment by spinner

Geeeesh, this kid is so ugly, while she was there she should have dropped him in an open sewer hole like the big pile of ugly poo that he is.
It’s embarssing that she would adopt such an ugly thing.

Comment by Pammy Kettren

Maybe if he keeps his pie hole shut and stops talking to the press he might have a change. But let’s be fair she doesn’t OWN him a damn thing.

Comment by OMG Really?

To tell you the truth, I don’t think Madonna owes the the dad anything. The father neglected the baby in an orphanage. It wasn’t like Madonna knocked on his door and took his baby from him. The baby was in a god-damn orphanage – where one day, he’d hopefully be adopted. I bet you if a normal couple adopted David, the father would never see his baby for the rest of his life. Don’t you agree, guys?

Comment by Sarah

Madonna only adopted this ugly brat because her eggs and vagina are all dried up. Her plan is to have ugly baby David climb into her vagina and crawl into her womb. This will give her the feeling of being pregnant again. Later, she will have high class medical procedure that connect the birth canal directly to her anus, this way she can ‘shit’ the baby out like a normal birth.

Comment by unicorns

^ man, there are some weird freaks on here!
anyway, I agree that madonna does not owe this man anything. first of all he gave the boy up to be adopted, then he talked trash about her all the time (especially thanks to the journalists who kept pushing money at him everytime he said negative things about madonna!)

Comment by blake

While I agree Madonna doesn’t owe the father anything… I think it would be very decent of her if she went ahead and allowed for a meeting to take place anyway. Regardless of all that man has done or has not done, I genuinely feel that he loves his son and being a human being- can’t help but to experience the ‘selfish’ feeling to want to see his son again.

Comment by Aysla

Stop calling that baby ugly! Damn some of you are a bunch of heartless bastards.

By the way; the father did not neglect his child by placing them in a orphanage. He placed him there because he could no longer care for him.

And yes, I agree…it would have been decent of Madonna to let the father see his child.

Comment by jb

you people are horrible

Comment by Anonymous

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