April 23, 2007, 1:44 pm
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A new day which means a new wig/hat combo for Britney Spears.

Despite slimming down in the past month, the newly rehabilitated singer couldn’t resist a little junk food, stopping off at Del Taco in San Bernardino, California over the weekend.


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hmm…how long til she blames her management for NOT stopping her eating fast food.

God I LOATHE her.

Comment by yeahso?

Wow…you’re really reaching with this one, Arasto

Comment by starr

I do like the dark hair on her, but why it has to be attached to a hat……is pure Britney.

Bill Maher had a pic up of her the other night, and asked if there was a way to “unmasturbate” to someone…….LMAO.

Comment by parissucksliterally

i cannot believe how much time she spends eating fast food in moving vehicles. get a table…

Comment by peep

At least she picked Del Taco, that shit is good.

Comment by my2cents

That’s right girl… slurp it out & lipo it out!

Comment by chicken little

I wish she disappears.

Comment by Agustina

God people are harsh! As if most of you don’t eat junk food at least one a week!? Britney absolutely owned the business at one stage of her life and even if she doesn’t get back to that again she will have done a lot more with her life than some of you who just talk negatively about people all day long.

Comment by Stephi

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