April 23, 2007, 3:57 pm
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Coniving Kim Basinger has hired a bodyguard to protect her daughter Ireland after ex-hubby Alec Baldwin left an angry message on the girl’s phone.

Kim is said to have arranged 24-hour protection for Ireland after her father labelled the 11-year-old a “thoughtless little pig” on the voicemail, which was leaked to the media.

Mother and daughter were seen in Los Angeles over the weekend – accompanied by the burly security man.

And before any of you go toting Kim as a good protective mother, just ask yourself who was the person who initially leaked the humiliating tape to the media in the first place?

Now do yourself a favour and read about Parental Alienation.


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It is hard to comment on this because I have no idea what has really went on between these two seemingly crazy people. If she is intentionally ruining her daughter’s relationship with her Father for reasons that are selfish then that is really wrong. Alec seems a little fed up and angry but as far as being a danger to his daughter, I don’t see that.

Comment by my2cents

She is ruining their realationship…Ask yourself this question??? Why couldn’t she just take the tape and bring it to court, so it would be heard privately!!! noooo, she had to leak it to the media…she’s a bitch!!!

Comment by hotstuff

obviously you are NOT parent and have no clue what you are talking about! Regardless of what Kim is doing NO ADULT HAS THE RIGHT TO SPEAK TO A CHILD THAT WAY…THREATENING THEM!! to say he’s fed up and that makes it ok…JUST SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND GET BACK TO JUDGING CELEB FASHION…not that you even understand anything about that!

Comment by anon

for “parental alienation” to occur, there has to have been a “warm, loving relationship” in the first place (sorry for the quote mark abuse, haha). on the recording, this guy flips his shit over a very small event. she had her phone turned off, and he sees it as a personal insult and a form of disrespect! he turned it into a collosal event and an excuse to verbally abuse and dehumanize her. it’s classic abusive psycho behavior. some people are fathers only in that they have testicles; beyond that, they have no qualifications.

Comment by april

who is to say that kim leaked the tape? maybe it was someone at the lawyer’s office?

anon 4:08 is right. no parent should threaten their child that way. it’s a shame that they’re using the kid as a pawn to get back at each other.

Comment by dottcomm1

[…] Kim Basinger has nabbed a bodyguard for her eleven year old daughter, Ireland, following last week’s leak of vulgar voicemail messages left on the child’s cell phone by her actor father Alec […]

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regardless of who is crazier or who leaked the tape, it’s sad the daughter has to go thru this. she’s only 11 or 12. those are such awkward years.

Comment by EAT IT

Kim is a nutcase!!!! and it seems she is determined to destroy her own child too…

Comment by Kathy

who is to say that kim leaked the tape? maybeybe it was someone at the lawyer’s office?

Comment by dottcomm1 04.23.07 @ 4:38 pm

dottcomm – don’t you think Kim would publicly be saying that she didn’t leak the tape, then? And would be launching an investigation to find out who did? Is she doing any of that? Not that I’m aware of…she is a worthless c*nt of mother. Leaking that tape is just as bad, if not much much worse, than the actual message. She has publicly humiliated her daughter. Do you think that this girl wants this kind of attention? She looks completely sad and lost in all the pictures of her. Someone should take her away from both her parents so she can be happy.

Comment by starr

anon – yes the message was terrible, Alec shoul dbe ashamed and needs serious anger management therapy. But Kim should have handled this privately. She is humiliating her daughter just to make herself look good. They are both worthless parents. What Kim did by PUBLICLY RELEASING THE MESSAGE is JUST as abusive, if not MORE SO, as what Alec said.

Comment by starr

Does anyone else remember when that baseball guy flew his plane into an apartment building on the Upper East Side of NYC? There was a photo in the newspaper of Alec Baldwin throwing a tantrum because there was a police barrier blocking his path to his apartment–to protect him from falling Wreckage! He was pulling the “don’t you know who I am routine”…what a pathetic DOUCHE! This tape is further proof!

Comment by lola lola

As a child of divorce with a mother who kept me from my father, I know that it is very hurtful to the parent. They don’t know if the child is not answering the phone or calling b/c they don’t want to or they have manipulated into it… and it’s frustrating to the parent and YES.. when people get frustrated (especially family) with eachother, they may say hurtful things.. Kim is just like “HA, GOT YOU BY THE BALLS”.. and is trying to not only hurt his daughter’s relationship but his career as well.

Comment by only.1.without.herpes

lola lola – just an FYI, he wasn’t trying to get to his apartment, He was going to visit a friend who just had a baby at New York Hospital, which was blocked off.

Comment by starr

Kim is just as bad as Alec, period. They both need to grow up and act like adults for the sake of their child.

Comment by starr

I always thought Kim was a marginal, mediocre actress who was given an oscar because the academy has no sense for judging talent. Apparently, I was wrong, she is an amazing actress. This is probably her best role, playing a loving protective mother to a child she and Alec have equally damaged and exploited because they’re both self-involved narcissists.

Comment by amara

he did not threaten his daughter, i will straighten you out, basically means i will tell you how and why you should be behaving properly and i will not let you off the hook with this, it did not imply violence to me at all.He says its not the first time it has happened, the not being able to talk to her part.
i have witnessed some one very close to me go thru a painful separation from there child, watched them have their son used as a tool to create hurt and its not nice to see.
i tell you something on the flip side, at least alec loves his daughter enough to actually still have her in his life.he just sounds fed parents have totally lost it at me when i was younger over things, and at the end of the day it teaches a life lesson about the politics of life and situations.he did go over the top, but you know what, i honestly, as a parent, believe that later once he calmed down he felt real bad about it and maybe even apologized.
i feel the whole bodyguard thing is completely over the top!!

Comment by l

he felt real bad about it and maybe even apologized.
i feel the whole bodyguard thing is completely over the top!!
Comment by l 04.23.07 @ 6:51 pm

He did apologize, a few minutes after he left the bad message he called back and left one in which he apologized. But, of course since Kim is such a c*nt, THAT message wasn’t released.

Comment by starr

This will backfire on Kim.

Comment by amara

damn right it will, amara

she looks worse than Alec, she’s the one that’s turning her daughter against him, no wonder Alec is at the end of his rope.

Comment by starr

This is just so sad, on so many different levels.

Comment by not into it

In any case … the kid’s eleven!? Holy crap. Kim Basinger is 5″7 and the girl is the same height as her. That child is going to be an amazon!

Comment by Tortuguita

yup, that kid’s got some height on her. hopefully, she’ll soon be able to kick both of their asses.

Comment by fume

here, here fume

Comment by starr

LOL at fume.

Comment by EAT IT

that kid has the longest arms of any girl I know.
She’s going to be about 6’2

Comment by Steph

Does nobody but me find it interesting that we see Kim and the kid now? This is like the first time at least I have laid eyes on them together out like this since the child was 3 1/2ft high.

Dont nobody else think Kim’s trying hard to pump up public opinion in favor of Alex being a danger by having that hulk hanging with her and Ireland?

My conern is for the girl, but I must say that I think Kim is as manipulative as Alex is pushy.

Comment by Trinidad

Message: Honey, I just called at our pre-arranged time. You must have your phone off. Just want to tell you I love you. END

No problem. He is an absolute self-centered,self-absorbed hypocritical limousine liberal. Too bad he didn’t even know how old she was.

Comment by Lori

I think the poor girl is in the middle of bitterness….

Comment by THE DEVIL

i find it hard to believe that kim is the bad person in this. i think kim’s attorney took it to the courts and it got leaked out (just as the autopsy pics get out!!!)
alec has been abusive and psycho for years now (there were pics of him flipping out on kim in the media years ago!) and now its just coming out.
good luck to kim in all this mess, and her daughter.

Comment by ryan

I know there are some serious issues going on in regards to these people but I have to say it …. WHO wears a shirt, a fleece and a coat with flip flops?

Comment by Brandy

hey, whatever man. my dad called me a CUNT to my face and we made up. dads with tempers suck but you deal with it. i feel bad for him and the little girl.

Comment by bobo

Coming from a divorced mom of a man who was charming in every public way possible, I am whole heartedly Team Bassinger.

My ex was the life of every party, the charmer, everybodies best friend, until we were in the privacy of our own lives.

A man doesn’t go off on his only child like that on a fluke, that was not his first time. Imagine how horrible he must have been with his own wife, if he can be that horrible with his own child.

He was outed for the pig that he is and I for one see him in a new light and hope he’s taken down a notch or two.

Comment by Renee

^bobo… my mom slapped me once and probably called me something similar to ‘bitch’ when I was acting out back in my teenage rebellion years, and even though I completely deserved it… she was intensely sorry about it afterward and it’s something she still feels guilt and shame over today- even though I assure her that I never blamed her for it (I mean, damn! I was a brat!). Parents are only human, they make mistakes like everyone else.

Well… some of you have already covered what I wanted to say 😉 (Trinidad, starr, & amara). I think both parents are to blame for this. Alex needs to take anger management classes and Kim needs to grow the fuck up (MANIPULATIVE). In the end, I feel sorry for Ireland… she’s only 11 years old and is being thrown into the middle of her parents’ childish squabbles and hateful behavior towards each other. A child wont solve their problems, they need heavy duty therapy.

Comment by Aysla

Both Alec and Kym are to blame for this situation. For starters he was angry about not seeing his daughter or something. It should be the responsibility of both parents to come up with an arrangement that suits everyone and prevents parents from feeling left out of their childrens lives. Secondly she should never have made private information about her child public. If it was just to do with her fair enough, but I doubt her child wanted any of this to happen. The poor girl must be having hell at school at the moment. Both parents need to grow up!

Comment by Stephi

This is ridiculous! I mean damn; the child will be 18 before you know it. I can’t understand what’s taking them so long to come to some type of custody agreement.

The whole situation is very Sad…

Comment by jb

Alec should take an anger-management class. There’s no manipulative-management class available so Kim will always be a pain in the ass.

Comment by Brandy

I think they’re both bipolar…

Comment by starr

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