April 23, 2007, 8:48 pm
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Yes, T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl play star-crossed friends/lovers on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ And yes, they’re pals in real-life and he presented her with the ‘Superstar of Tomorrow’ award at last night’s Young Hollywood Awards.

But is anyone else getting sick of their never-ending PDAs? Frankly, the whole supportive straight friend routine has grown annoying. And I suspect T.R.’s had enough too. Check out these photos closely. I’ve never seen a face that more loudly screams, “Help me. Someone, please help me.”


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AMEN Arasto! I found the website again..i thought you had disappeared forever!!!!!!!!

Comment by Sashay

Having those two hook up on the show was totally out of place–no chemistry going on there–never happen in the real world.

Comment by MikeC...

i disagree!

they are adorable together!

Comment by jamie

There too cute together!

Comment by Evi

Arasto I can not believe we agree on something! She got on my last nerves ages ago and he followed her lead shortly after. I turn the channel when either of them come on.

Comment by Trinidad

I disagree Arasto. I think they are great friends, I really liked how she stuck up for him with the media, that was such a great thing for her to do and ballsy because it caused quite a stir.
I think TR only looks like that in the pics because he wants to look serious. Probably doesn’t want to come across what people assume as a stereotypical gay guy. Notice how straight guys like to look tough and not smile in pictures, maybe he’s doing the same.

Comment by blake

I don’t know if they’re cute together or not. What I DO know is that Katherine is as bad as J Hud with that gaping-mouth pose. Close your mouth, woman, before someone puts something, um… unpleasant in it!

Comment by Cakes

Katherine is the cutest/hottest fag hag any gay guy could have r u kidding? and she seems like she has an awesome personality

Comment by Roxi

AMEN!! We get it your bff’s. Besides she’s annoying and he looks retarded.

Comment by Anonymous

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