April 24, 2007, 1:34 pm
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There’s still much left to be said about her personal style but no one can deny the fact that Britney Spears is well on her way to regaining her famous physique after popping out two kids.

Rocking a belly-revealing crop top and a denim miniskirt, the tanned, toned and healthy looking songstress flaunted her new shapes yesterday while attending a dance Studio in Hollywood.

If the derailed pop star is able to match her singing to her toned body her comeback cannot be in doubt.


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she’s dressed like a porn star – certainly not amazing …. i guess the lipo in vegas has payed off!

Comment by lisa

She can’t sing.
She’s a horrible Mother.
She’s a total fake.
But she’s got great abs?? Getting her body back?
Is that all there is?

Comment by spinner


Comment by dottcomm1

Where can I buy me some Ab-mazings!?

Comment by lola lola

Whoa Britney! she impressed me! (not impressed by her attitude lately)

Comment by Danuell

her body does looks very good, but she had to ruin it by going shopping in that hooker outfit.

I still say she’ll flop at her “comeback”, but yes, she’s looking good (physically). She’ll always be a mental midget.

Comment by parissucksliterally

dott, I was just about to say the same thing.

Those boots most definitely aren’t made for walking…

Comment by Selon

I’m bored and tired of Britney. She had my sympathy and concern, but now I think she was and is still playing the public. Not going to comment on her anymore unless there’s something worth talking about.

Comment by Trinidad

the damn boots!


I agree with Trinidad. I thought she was different.

Comment by mylene

“Come back cannot be in doubt” WTF? are you on Payroll??

Comment by lolly

britney wasn’t crazy she was on DRUGS! I never felt sorry for her.. I feel sorry for her kids!! I feel sorry for the little girls who were her fans… she will NEVER be as successful as she was for two reasons… people are fead up with her and hearing about her.. and SHE HAS NO FUCKING TALENT!!!!!!! ok, she can dance, a little.. she’s not JT 🙂

Comment by only.1.without.herpes

your crazy if u think anyone would do her (gold diggers!) abs and all plus what star doesn’t have abs nowadays please

Comment by maggie

Glasses of cigarettes must be filled with vitamins because Britney Spears looks awesome. Its almost enough to make you forget that underneath that wig and hat is her weird shaved head and that she’s been sleeping around after giving birth to two giant babies, meaning you’d have to throw a glo-light into her vagina to find the bottom like in the those movies when they’re lying on the edge of a scary well or cave, or maybe if you don’t have a glo-light, drop a piece of paper in there and watch it flutter to the bottom. Almost.

Comment by maggie

^ lol maggie that’s funny

britney didnt work on that body, she had a “dr 90210” do it for her (like courtney love, janet jackson, etc.) unlike real healthy celebs who work hard for their great bodies and actually work out all the time (madonna, jennifer garner, etc.)

Comment by jake

once again, pulling at her clothes! those nasty sweaty fishnets inside those disgusting boots…hope she doesn’t take ’em off in the car! YACK!

Comment by rags

Wow. There is hope for me, if she could get back into shape in less than 2 months. I heard she may be taking that veterinarian pill, the one all the stars take. If so, then she is still ‘on’ drugs.

Oh well, there is more than just a body. What about her state of mind, right?

Comment by keller

wow lipo sculpting does wonders. if that stomach is due to healthy diet and exercise i will eat my shoes.

Comment by SAS

Wowww I knew Britney was starting to look good again but I didn’t think I’d have any body envy for a while yet. She look fantastic and yet still people find nasty things to say about her. You all say how she is trashy and a bad mother blah blah blah but she’s not the one spending half her time putting down someone she doesn’t even know.

Comment by Stephi

how do you know she isn’t spending half her time ragging on people? LOL….j/k Stephi.

if your body is as good as you imply Stephi, there is no need for body envy from BRITNEY. she’ll never be Giselle, or even Eva Longoria for that matter.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Comeback?? Nah… she’s burnt. I’m sick of her.

Comment by bun

damn that was fast.

Comment by thighmegatampon

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