April 24, 2007, 9:04 pm
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Hayden Christensen (hiding behind the tree on the right) took his latest celebrity beard Rachel Bilson (in the centre) over to meet his brother Tove Christensen (on the left) in Los Angeles yesterday.

Hayden and Rachel have been quietly pretending to date ever since Rachel quit bearding for her fellow ‘O.C.’ star Adam Brody.

A few more of these arrangements and Rachel will officially replace Penelope Cruz as Hollywood’s hottest go-to gal for In-the-Closet Hollywood.


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There’s a new Beard in town. Move over Penelope,here’s Rachel!

Comment by B :)

damn arasto you are getting mean lately, and what’s up with trying to out so many actors lately too? you trying to be like Perez????

Comment by ryan

exactly ryan. what is with all the snide gay remarks? there have been a lot lately and it is very perez-esque. its just tacky and wrong.

Comment by SAS

Arasto you don’t have to be bitchy to get hits. The reason why I chose this site over others was because you were pretty much un-biased in your reporting and let everyone else make up their minds. That’s the winning formula my friend! Perez may be famous but everyone hates him. I guess its up to you what’s more important.
Rachel looks adorable here!! So tiny next to all those guys!

Comment by Stephi

yeah, im getting tired of everyone in hollywood supposedly being gay. until there’s some kind of proof, like oh i dunno, the actor himself saying he’s gay, leave it alone!

Comment by KZ

^ ^ exactly! you’d think HAVING A GIRLFRIEND is a sign that they’re not gay. please please please don’t be like perez its not cool at all.

Comment by Anonymous

perez is great and is always right
Great job arasto, you’re more interesting now

Comment by maya

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